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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Demartini Value Determination
The Value Determination Workshop and methodology has helped shift my perceptions.
Michele Bremer
Took the time to touch on subjects which affect me every day but that I don’t stop to think about, re-evaluate and reflect upon.
Carla de Abreu
It was very enlightening to see what my current highest values are at this stage and will assist with making the correct decisions which are in line with them.
Orlando de Abren
Thank you, it was brilliant! It has been a while since I have done such an in depth value determination and it turned out to be quite surprising.
Kim Carolin
Thank you, it helped me a lot to get confidence in the Value Factor. Thank you for clearing the factor with the void. I am grateful to have the opportunity to come to your seminar as it was a great investment for my future.
Jenny Doll
Wow! What an amazing experience! I wish that I had done this work 5 years ago. I have more clarity about what drives me.
Anoosha Makka
The Value Determination Workshop is Inspirational and Practical. It assists in understanding who you are and why you behave and act the way you do. It is an essential skill that every person needs to know in order to be and appreciate themselves and every other human being.
Lynnaire McKinley
Value Determination for me is a conflict resolution tool. Understanding why we each do what we do and what desires us, makes for a harmonious existence.
Having the ability to identify ones values is incredibly helpful and insightful. I have really learnt a lot about myself by doing the value determination exercise. There is something about the group dynamic that seems to facilitate insights. I appreciate the opportunity to do so. Thank you Dr. Demartini for developing the program.
Ian Simons
It is so worthwhile taking the time to spend 3 hours on yourself which ordinarily you would not. It is particularly interesting to see how ones values shift and what the catalyst is for this shift. Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to further develop ourselves and our potential for success and greatness.
Chanelle Peverett
To anyone aspiring to self realisation and self actualisation. This workshop, The Demartini Value Determination is the first and most important step for it was Aristotle that said that to know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.
Lakshmi Chetty
Being introduced to Dr. Demartini’s Value Determination Process has been one of the biggest aha moments in my life. What he teaches is so simple and yet so profound and the ripple effect so vast that I just cannot understand why this is not taught in schools around the world. It helped me to gain an understanding of what inspires me and why, what to do for a career, how to communicate effectively with people, how to set goals that I actually achieve, how to build my wealth, how to be adaptable to life’s challenges and I could just go on and on about the multiple benefits. If you don’t know your values you are held back from your own productivity and success! Knowing your values is your 101 to living an inspired and empowered life.
Rob Murdoch
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