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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Demartini on Business Success
Thank you John, for helping me play the game in a bigger league.
Alex Emery
I found the course not just informative but something I can apply everyday. As a business owner, I can definitely see the full benefit of being on this course and I have no doubt I will see a difference in my business.
Gary Kritzinger
John Demartini's programmes are more valuable to me than 3 law degrees and 15 years of practise as a lawyer. Brilliant and inspiring, but humbling and balancing.
Johann C Strauss
The Business Day is a wonderfully insightful and inspiring look at business. The tips and tools shared open the mind and deeply influence the way I perceived business. I know that if I apply the principles, I will have a successful career. He's understanding of financial principles is phenomenal and will without a doubt help my financial mastery and wealth accumulation. Thank you!
Roger Kane-Berman
This course (The Demartini Success Series: Demartini on Business Success & Demartini on Financial Success) is the most valuable one I have ever attended in terms of how to manage emotions and illusions so that they do not cloud business success, and how to put a real value on making a profit in my business and growing it to its full potential. This course taught me more about managing my own wealth creation in one day then I have previously learned in a lifetime. I learned to look honestly at my highest values, how these can help me create wealth, and how to value equally wealth creation and the financial independence it can bring me.
I attended both days of the Success Series (Demartini on Business Success & Demartini on Financial Success) and have found it immensely powerful and valuable, both personally and professionally. The series is value for money and I am now able to see return on investment on attending such a session. I now know that I can and want to create immortal wealth and that my immortal legacy I've been working on deserves the wealth counterpart. I thank you John, and staff of The Demartini Institute for living and demonstrating your organizations slogan of "Dedicated to Expanding Human Awareness & Potential". With love and gratitude!
Noha Essop
The Business Day is a highly recommended program that has given me tools and a clearer direction towards getting me to where I want to be. This program is a brilliant tool for achieving that. I am deeply grateful!
Martin Sam
The Business Success course was fantastic! The presentation of the material was unique and fresh and extremely practical. It helped me to shift my values and get excited about my businesses again. And incredible things have happened in both my businesses in the last two weeks since the course - it's quite amazing. Thank you for helping me to get inspired again... I would definitely recommend this course to any business owner or anyone thinking of starting their own business.
Louise Diesel
Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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