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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Breakthrough Experience
"The power of love is indescribable and as awesome as describing the universe."
Mary McDermott, San Diego, CA, 1997
Inspirational and thought provoking! I had the opportunity of hearing Dr. Demartini speak at a chiropractic seminar. However, his inspirational speaking took me far beyond the scope of chiropractic. I purchased the book, The Breakthrough Experience, at the seminar and enjoyed it. The exercises are quite detailed and brought great memorable, needed emotional releases in my life. Very inspiring man!  
The amount of text I highlighted, stared and underlined tells me the importance of the book I'm reading. There isn't a page in this book I haven't marked and highlighted at least one or two lines or paragraphs. Lot's of insights. The bottom line insight is the balance in all things. As soon as I read that I started seeing it in everything and everyone around me: of two children, one is rebellious, the other is not - they balance each other. Just as your business takes off, there's a crisis - they balance each other.
DL Simpson
In his book, Dr. Demartini begins by saying, "Every single one of us has greatness and immortal genius inside. Everything that happens is directed toward waking us up to that gift and potential. We may have positive and negative opinions about the various people and events in our lives, but in truth, they all play a perfect role in unfolding our destiny and making us who we are." What he is saying consistently is that in every person or event, there is always and inevitably both positive and negative.

Dr. Demartini is not even saying that we should discount the negative and embrace the positive. What he is saying is that we need to come to appreciate the balanced experience and know that each is necessary for us and is as it should be. He tells us that "all phenomena are universally full-quantum. . .there must be no such thing as happiness without sadness, or sadness without happiness."

One of his concepts that profoundly affected me is that love is not merely unconditional support of another, but it also includes challenge. When we merely support another, we are only creating dependency. When we truly love, we also challenge. Conversely, love is not merely challenge but we also must support. 
Kimberly M. Olver
Awesome and a must read!
This book is truly an amazing piece of work. If you've ever struggled with your life - from feelings to what you should be doing with your life - then this is the book for you. You don't have to be a victim to your feelings and past experiences any longer. You can breakthrough all that and become the person you want to be! And live the life you were meant to have. 
L. Draper
This is an insightful and very thought out book. As you read each chapter you are suprised to find that the pennies just keep dropping as what Dr Demartini has to say about our perceptions with life, love, friendships and relationships of all aspects. 
V. Apostolidis
Refreshing and engaging. I found this book to be very applicable to my life in many ways, particlarly with the affirmations. Dr. Demartini is an interesting author with a viewpoint that is refreshing and different than the cookbook approach repeated over and over in most personal development books. Well worth the time and investment. 
D. Bell
The best there is out there.
If you really want to make a difference in your life, get this book. Without a doubt, it's the best one out there. Dr. John DeMartini is brilliant and the book is easy to use. 
J. Haughn
Of all of the teachers on The Secret, Dr Demartini knows how to convey the true principles better than anyone else. His writing style is simple, but he conveys so much. He doesn't sugarcoat it, and I can appreciate that about a speaker.

Simple synopsis: All of life is made up of two sides; everyone has both support and challenge in their life. Your values dictate what you create in your life and what you "attract." The quantum collapse process at the end of the book is amazing as well, and recommend the process to anyone studying these concepts.
James Nissen
Life transforming. Get it. Read it many times. Most importantly - apply the wisdom - NOW.

In my top 5 books. 
Fernando Longo
A classic everyone should have in their library!!

Dr. Demartini has an amazing gift of delivering profound insights of human nature in easy to read stories and description. This book outdistances many others of the self help genre by describing ,with examples, the reason why certain life situations occur. He sheds light on everyday difficult situations such that you are given the tools to work through them and gain the reward of understanding, gratitude and mastery of the person, place or event. Dr. Demartini presents a model of love that works, is real and reproducible. Imagine being able to feel love more often and quickly. This book should be the handbook for parents, teachers, students and anyone who would love to thrive through life. Thank you Dr. Demartini
Jamie Neely
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