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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Count Your Blessings
It was a breath of fresh air to read Dr. Demartini's book - 'Count your Blessings'. How often in my busy life do I forget to do exactly that! Thank you for reminding me of the many blessings that continue to surround my life, by sharing your insights.
At a time of my life when I was feeling lost and alone, I received a copy of this book as a gift. I picked it up to glance through it, and found I could not put it down. Out from its pages jumped some of the greatest insights I have ever read in a book, about life, love and healing. This is a book that is more than worth the money you spend on it, because it will teach you about loving life, yourself and others.
A must-read for anyone who wants to heal a broken heart or body. This book is filled with practical tools that I now use daily. Thank you for writing what I have always somehow known and believed, and that is that "the power of healing lies within us all".
This book is an easy read and a pleasure to read more than once. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to bring more balance into their lives. Dr. Demartini helps you to see the positives in every situation. Each chapter has a personal story as an example of a situation followed by principals. Through simple exercises you then get to reflect on your own life experiences and make some valuable realizations followed by a list of positive affirmations.
T. Paulson
It's amazing how differently you look at the universe when you are grateful for all of your experiences, humbled because you are just one small piece of a big picture and inspired knowing that you have a purpose. Instead of seeing obstacles, you recognize opportunities and manifest miracles. Read this book if you are ready to open your mind and heart to a new way of living. I read it three times and each time gained a new insight. Enjoy!
J. Hogdgon
You need this. This is one book that I can honestly say that if I had it years ago many of my recent lessons would either have not had to happen or in the case of the tragedies they would have been handled far better and with less guilt. Dr Demartini is a Genius and he honestly does utilize his wisdom every day.
If your relationships are on the rocks with your family or perhaps someone who you are truly blessed to have CHOOSE to spend some of their precious time with you, get this book. If you want to help someone from destroying something wonderful in their life buy this book for them, it will make them think....... maybe for the first time in years.
R. Kirby
Wow! This is a truly incredible book. I am reading it a second time, and no doubt will read it many more times, using it as a guide for living daily life. A must read! 
G. Lane
Bring good into your life by simply creating abundance through counting your blessings. This is a wonderful book.
L. Draper
This is a diamond find. At the very least this book should inspire you to write a daily gratitude list ... and begin a record of how blessed your life is. There is always room for improvement, we are not perfect, but it is in being grateful that we are in a mental state to see what else is possible. I believe Nelson Mandela once said that hate has caused a lot of problems and solved none of them. If hate only begets hate, only love can heal hate. Both emotions are two sides of the same coin. Start with this daily counting of blessings, and see what more you can be grateful for. 
MR Estante
In my top 5 books of all time. This book is the most practical book for deepening spiritual awareness I've come upon. In short chapters, very powerful teachings are shared. In each chapter nsightful questions are asked for the reader to introspect and journal. Affirmations and suggestions for practicing each lesson is given. I teach at a seminary and use this book in all of my classes and workshops. I have used this book for small home study groups. Without exception, my students, counselees, and others to whom I've recommended this book have found it very powerful. Regardless of one's faith background, this book is a consciousness awakener. I have used the "collapse process" and have attended some of Dr. Demartini's workshops. I am profoundly influenced by this powerful work. If we all lived by the awarenesses and practices delineated in this book, we would be so filled with gratitude moment to moment that we would establish peace on earth.
C. County
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