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Staying Focused on Goals

How to Be More, Do More and Have More



Dr John Demartini, a world renowned human behavioral specialist, has assisted 1000s of people globally to understand the basics of human behavior and how to use that understanding to bring their lives into powerful action whether in business, in finances, in relationships at work or at home.


In this talk, Dr Demartini will share insights into what inspires you and why and how to use this understanding to clarify your purpose, strategize your actions and live proactively towards your most inspired goals and dreams. Planning as many know is essential, but setting realistic goals aligned to what you perceive inspiring is the key to success. It is the X-factor underpinning your ability to take persistent action on your goals. Dr Demartini will help you align your life, your goals and your actions so that you have the most congruent life plan. He will show you how to, dissolve challenges and manage your emotions assisting you to stay focused and take charge of creating your dream.


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