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Young Adults Inspired Destiny Testimonials

I am filled with gratitude. I have a clearer direction of where it s that I want to go and of who I am. I m grateful for being shown ways in which I can communicate effectively with people and conquer those challenges that come my way. I now want to embrace every challenge and every person and learn as much as I can about myself and be able to spread the knowledge and love to as many people as possible. I believe I can follow my DREAM and be successful in all 7 areas of life. Thank you. - D Kane-Berman (22)


 Should not be guided by parents values,  should have my own values and  should not be intimidated by other people because as we are not better than others, we are just different. Each of us is unique in their own way. - Yvonne M (22)


I learned how to make the most of what I've got in order to get what I want. I can't ask for anything more than that, so thanks. - Amber W (17)


I got inspired today! I can do whatever I want in life. Got to learn more about my future, values. To approach my future. Want to make more about my future! Be the best I can be! Nothing and I can't, doesn't exist anymore. Thank you. - Annika B (18)


I feel so much more motivated, I want to go out and take on the world. You have given me a whole new perspective on life. Suddenly I see that I can deal with challenges and that my life s important. You have shown me that I'm unique and now I can tackle and solve my problems and become who I want to be. And I can show others that they can do exactly the same because everyone has a lot to give. Thank you!!! It was worth every second! - Daniel M (19)


I've been given the tools and the knowledge to reach my goals and aspirations. The ability to see that I am the only person who can determine how far I allow myself to grow. No one, no thing and no circumstance or event can influence me negatively if I ask the right, quality questions in life. - Kevin (18)


An understanding of how to figure out my values and their worth. How to use my values to further myself in all seven areas of life. An attitude of gratitude towards others and myself in that to become who I truly want to be. I first need to figure out who I am! Only I can determine my purpose in life and  need to believe that to achieve the unlimitless possibilities of the universe and my own unique talent, gifts and values. - Paul M Goncalves (17)


I experienced a breakthrough by seeing what I don't like in others in me. I am everything and that's the truth, good and bad. Thank you for this experience. - Rishal Vallabh (16)


Today I learnt, is the first day of making dreams a reality. Thank you for giving me the tools and inspiration to value myself, dream big and to realize I am worthy of love. When I am a world  renowned singer I will have you as well as myself to thank. Much appreciated. - Jordana Malkoff (17)


Today I learned that nothing is beyond my reach and what I see in others is exactly what I see in myself. Also how my values depicted my view on the world and the way I approached things in life were a reflection of my values. - Nitesh Girdherlal (22)


I should live according to my own values. I mustn't let anyone label me. If I feel intimidated by someone, I must have their traits. My dreams are possible and I must live them. - Refiloe Masuku (23)


Learned how to make my dreams come true and that I have the power to be the best and that I can do anything I want. - Jandre van der Westhuizen (17)


 Learnt what my values were and how to see the good in all bad situations. It's an experience I won't forget. - Jenny Coetzee (17)


I got to see my tragedies as something positive. I learned I can reach for my goal with the right mindset; I just have to break it down into smaller chunks. I got self inspired. Great experience. Thanks. PS. Great positive attitude towards life! - Mischa Lottering (20)


I must forget about what happened and focus on my highest values. I have a big influence on the world. I must fulfill my highest values as soon as I can. No one will take responsibility if I don't take it for myself. When dreaming big, you will achieve great things. I am so close to my role model. - Sphamandla Mhlongo (19)


Found out what I want out of life and how o get it. How to use my values to make my life better. Figured out that I can do what it takes to lead an amazing life. - Jonathan Gilmour (17)


Study method that I am going to put into good use. Hierarchy of values. Found out what I want most out of life and how I can achieve it, it's up to me now. Fancy new words I can take to English class. Get knowledge by reading. Voids-results-solutions.  - Tyron Springer (17)


What I got out of today has been a life changing experience, I've been through so much in my life and I thought I had come to terms with what had happened, Dr Demartini helped me realize that I had just settled for being average and that, that is just not good enough, I have the potential to be the best and that is what I will become, no more half hearted efforts from my side. My values have been affirmed and each day I will question how I can use that to my advantage. Thank you Doc, you're a legend. -  Jason (19)


I learned that nothing cannot happen in my life that won't help or add to my advantages or values. Nothing determines my perception. My perception determines how I feel and how I feel determined by my questions! I learned about 7 powerful areas of my life and self-worth. I'm influencing the world. - Sizwe Mabsemelae (27)


My experience is that, I learned so much today that made me realize that I have riches within and that the kingdom of heaven is within each and every one of us. What was most important was knowing my values and how living with values makes us grow spiritual. I learned that everything is possible as long as you believe. I realized that we learn from mistakes and mistakes groom our future.  I also learned that someone you admire is the reflection of yourself. I learned that nothing in my past defines my future. Thank you fro the best class! - Didimalang Monareng (23)


I learned how to use my values to my advantage and to make the most of my life. I also learned to live my life in seven categories which are: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Physical and Social, and grow everyday towards fulfilling each and every one of them. I also learned to appreciate more of what life brings my way in order to receive more rewards. - Jabulille Tobakali (20)


I had a lot of fun and I realized that I can be who I want to be as long as I have values which are supportive to me and I am always inspired by his talks no matter how short or long they are because in every talk he has with us I always have something to take home with and own for the rest of my life. I'm very grateful to have had all the changes I had to hear him speak to me because I believe I was waiting for someone like him to give me the talk. JAI GURU DEV. Thank you. - Tshepiso Serote (20)


The power is within me. I can do anything I set my mind to do. I am different than any other person. I must not give up on my dreams. I must always seek for my purpose from within in order to achieve my goals. I am the most important person in my life. More importantly, I have learned that I have love, I'm worthy of love and I can give love. - Ayanda Simanja (25)


Today has taught me how to truly know myself and how to take every challenge and turn it into an opportunity. Today's lesson has inspired me to reach for my dreams and teached me how to make it possible! - Chantel Oosthuizen (21)


I experienced the power of a positive attitude. Being myself can actually make a big difference. - Adriaan Oosthuizen (18)


Learned what my highest values are and how to use them to better my life in many ways. I'm awesome! - Jason (19)


Believing in something is the most powerful key, and acting on it, it's even powerful. Today I came to realize that my values shape who I am. In order to be successful, I have to love what I'm doing. This to me means I should work on my highest values and no matter what negativity I will get from people, always know that it is possible to reach my dreams. One thing I am taking with me today and will remember always is that, whoever rules the world has power over the world. Thank you for everything. - Moipone Nchyane (21)


I learned that anything is possible if you set our mind to it. I now know I can own my own shipping company and that if I really want it I will be a wealthy business man, as long as I set my values high. - Etienne Andre Vos


Experience: Important and value of values. Wisdom and value. Seven areas of life aligned with values. Difference of highest values and lowest values. Being ordered and organized in all aspects of life. balance the state of mind and values. Set goals and objectives congruently and work, your goal will work for you. Plan your values will work you identify yourself. - Dlamini Xolani (23)


Inspiration. I have learnt that we all live by values and we must always be grateful even in difficult situations because there are blessings in them. Self-love. Always value myself. - Themba Dludlu (21)


Knowing what values are and how they are aligned to my dreams and the seven areas of life. I feel I am bigger than life and anything is possible. Having value is a sign of self worth. It has been a learning curve and a healing process. Most of all it's a set towards greater things. I'm more sure of my abilities as a person. Thank you very much. - Precious (23)


The importance of knowing your values and aligning them with whatever you want to achieve in your life. whatever I criticize people with I actually have it. The different sources of power. - Sandile Khoza (21)


Dr J Demartini, the more I learn from you the more my dreams and opportunities become visible and I am just a mind set away, I am becoming the change I would love to see in the world. I am on a quest to learn in your footsteps. I feel as though I'm breaking through some shield that's always been hidden. You are my light, inspiration and my true love. When you speak I feel like all is possible, you make me want to yearn, listen, read and find out all the secrets and laws that we live by and make my life the dream! Thank you for me. - Kat Mojapelo (22)


I learnt not to be intimidated. Learnt that I am a lot bigger in the world than I thought I was, that things that seem unrealistic are actually possible and although people may ridicule you, as long as you believe you can do it, one day they'll respect you. I learnt how much my fears and lack of self belief were preventing me from realizing my dream. - Megan McGurk


I have learned today to live with myself, that I am a worth to value myself and my dreams at a great scale. I learned to commit myself and know my highest value and how to help myself grow through them and be all that I want to be in life. - Musa Khambule


I experienced and learnt I now have tools to achieve my vision. My values and vision re aligned. I have te faith and belief to achieve my vision. I make a significant difference in the world. I have learnt life long lessons that I will add to my success. Thank you Dr Demartini, you are the man! - Biraj Naidoo (20)


Today I realized that the only way to be the best is to learn from the best. Something that may seem like a tragedy today can be an opportunity tomorrow. I realized my values and now know how to live by and change those values, I learnt education is fundamental in this day and age and to be a leader and stick out from the crowd, pursuing education is the key! No dream is too big to reach. - Marc Woods (18)


I learned that whatever I see in others, is what I got. When I open up to the world, the world opens up to me. If I don't make my own decisions somebody else will make them for me. Whatever I do impacts the world, therefore I'm connected to the world. - Sbusiso (26)


Thank you. This is probably the last seminar by Dr Demartini that I will attend. I have learnt much and my life has been changed by the seminars that he has presented that I have been privileged to attend. I now have to live what I have learnt. Thank you for helping me express myself better and for reveling to me through your exercises my true self. Thank you for the wonderful work you Dr Demartini and your beautiful team are doing. I wish you all the best when we meet again you will be very proud of what you see. - Thembelihle Dube


I was really excited to be here today and it was worth it. Thank you for imparting such valuable knowledge to me, I will certainly apply it. Today I realized my self-worth and power in the quality and balance of my traits and I can clearly define myself and my life. I recognize my potential to change the world, shift lives and I m eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Pariksha Naidoo (18)


Today was indeed an honor and a privilege for me to have been in this session. I gained a lot of inspiration and I would like to get the opportunity to attend Dr Demartini's classes in the future. What a wonderful and incredible class that made me realize that I am worth more than what I thought and I will use everything I gained to inspire and motivate people around me. Today I got a gift that nobody can take away from me. I will do what I love and love what I do. Today I revealed the genius that I possess inside. I am a genius and I will apply my wisdom. I have values. - Naledi Kutoame (19)


I have leant about myself and the people around me. I feel a lot more in control of myself and my future and I can't wait to share and use my knowledge in order to make myself the BEST PERSON I CAN BE!! Thank you for the course and your amazing words, they are life changing and I am now excited for my future. - Andrew McDonald (17)


I learnt about my values. I didn't know what they were before. I learnt that I can apply my values to the subjects that disinterest me and turn the concept around so that they interest me. I feel inspired after being lectured by Demartini. Thank you so much for this experience. - Beatrix Jochheim (16)


I am 15 years old and I managed to go through the Breakthrough Experience this past weekend. I learnt more than I ever thought I could, and how all of it just comes down to gratitude. Thank you and I love you. Today truly inspired me and showed me my magnificence. I have so much opportunity and possibility that lies ahead of me, and thank you John for opening my eyes and showing me that I can. - Celeste Jamneck (15)


Learn that whatever sad things happen, it brings a lot of opportunities in your life depending on the way you look at it. Learning you cannot make other people live according to your own values. You have something great in all the seven pillars of life. for every truth or lie you tell is because of the advantage or disadvantage depending which one has more benefits. That one should not do things small and that don't let a small body stop you from a big dream. Aligning my values is what I love doing to what I am pushed to do. - Siphokazi Ndhlovu (20)


I learnt to treat people the same as you will treat yourself. I learn you have values that is important. I learn to respect myself better and to treat other people the same. I have learnt if you want to go far in life you've got to challenge yourself and ask questions. I just want to say thank you for all of this and I can name more things that I learnt today but it is too much. And I just want to say that I will definitely come see you again. - Ilisma (16)


You inspired me to go out and do what I want to do in life. I will appreciate my parents more for what they are here for me and I love them. If you don't do things physically and mentally you wont get very far. I will go out and inspire more people and I will not feel anymore intimidated towards anyone anymore. - Wouter (16)


I have learnt a great deal out of today and many unknown questions have been answered thanks to Dr Demartini, he is gifted. Today was a big eye opener to me, I have realized the way people perceive things is important to who they are and who they may become. Values, mine have changed immensely. Thank you. - Nadine Wilson (17)


Learning more about my values and how important values are to make my goals/objectives/mission to come true. I also learned about beating up myself and building up myself. I have learned about my spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical values. I can become what I want to be by following up my goals all the time. I have learned about how am I going to remember all my goals/objectives. I cannot minimize my values for other person. I have learned my personal traits from the people that I admire most and also that I can be the same person like the person I admire. - Lucia (22)


I found that I don't need people's permission to live my dream. I found out how to increase my self worth and to achieve my dreams. Finding benefits out of the things that caused the most pain in my life has helped me. Amazing how at 15, I can say that I can now live my dream without being forced to lower levels. It's something that I'll always remember. - Ona Jeanette Botha (15)


The true meaning of axiology. I got to get in touch with my inner being, know my values and get to know that I can do more than, that nothing is impossible in life. I thank Dr John Demartini for giving me this unique information of which I am going to share from generations to generations to come. I wish we could do this again because I enjoyed it very much. I now do what I love and love what I do. I know that I am a genius and I apply my wisdom. Thank you very much. I know that this is the knowledge that no one can take away from me. - Lerato Ledwaba (19)


I've learned to look at things in a different way, to be grateful and that all tragedies do have their benefits. That you can change your life by changing your values. I've learned how to face intimidation which can really help. I've also learnt what axiology is. - Guy (16)


I learnt that I am whoever I want to be. That I have the potential to be who I admire and I share their traits. The most important thing that I will remember all my life is that my challenges will always result into growth in my life. it is really such an honor and a privilege to be granted this opportunity to be empowered at such a young age. It will have a huge impact in my destiny and my future. I understood who I am today. - Siphiwe (22)


My mind was opened today. I really enjoyed it. I think I can use this knowledge to help me grow. I really need to get my grades up so I will definitely try your techniques out. Peace. - Daryll Ingelbrecht (17)


Today I learnt that values are extremely fundamental...They are the key to unlocking everything you have ever wanted that you probably thought you could never have. I learnt how to turn tragedy to triumph and live in the value of my own self-worth. I learnt about myself, how I can become the best that I can be by applying what I have learnt in today's seminar. My experience today has been nothing short of extremely extraordinary and amazing, I can truly say I have grown in leaps and bounds today. Thank you. - Thembi Dube


I thought it was so amazing...I learnt so much and would like to thank you for that. I love how Dr Demartini opened my eyes to values and how you should put some values higher than others, and how to work at them. I now look at life in a whole different light. - Graham Jordaan (19)


I've learnt that I already own the ability to become what I want and I will own any ability I choose to take from another person. As a guitarist, musically, skillfully, I own my destiny. And I will become the best mother kick ass guitarist and own them all. John, you're one crazy dude. Thanks to everyone. - Kyle O'Hara


I got inspiration! Worth, understanding, guidance, truth, enlightenment. I have been trying to find my true path in life for some time, and it's strange to think that in one day you have shown it to me. I could never thank you enough. I love the books and the talks and I'll be seeing you soon. - Nick Garden (19)


Today I achieved complete certainty in myself  and what I want in life. I am the most undoubtable in this world and so is my future, my aspirations and the inevitability of it all. Thank you Demartini, you have inspired me profoundly. - Chris (19)


I just want to thank you for the Young Adults' Inspired Destiny seminar. Please pass onto Dr Demartini how inspiring and influential his words were, even among teens. It's amazing at the age of 16 I now hold an inspired vision to the service of this world. His words have been music to me. I yearn to hear more and find myself at another of his seminars - thank you.

G Rawlings, Cape Town


The Young Adults' Inspired Destiny course was absolutely amazing! It helped me to decide what I am doing and where I am heading in life. Dr Demartini has shown me that no goal is too big and every single ambition is reachable - Thank you.

U Parak, Johannesburg


When I came here this morning, I wasn't sure what to expect and I have just lived my life because I "had" to. After spending this day with Dr Demartini, I am so ready to conquer the world that I feel goose-bumps! For real! I'm ready to conquer the world because I can see that I can have a global impact.

L Mapeshoane, Student CIDA City campus




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