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Where's My Billion?

Where's My Billion


Where's my Billion?

Unlocking your vast wealth potential


Do you wonder what you can do to create abundant fortune and wealth in your life?

Would you love to discover your hidden wealth building potential and activate it?


If your answer is yes, then join Dr John Demartini, an internationally published author and sought after leadership and self mastery expert at his one day program, ‘Where's my Billion?' where you will learn how to identify your hidden billion and be shown how to unlock and transform it into liquid wealth.


Dr Demartini will assist you to develop the mindset of the wealthiest people and align your life and what you value most to building wealth. 99% of people say they would like to be financially independent but only 1% of the population ever achieve it.


Come and learn how to reframe your perceptions so that you step into your greatest wealth return. Discover proven wealth building strategies and shift your life into a new gear of financial possibilities in 2012.



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What Others Are Saying from Previous Programs


"Dr. John Demartini is one of the most informative and intellectually stimulating individuals I have had the privilege to listen to. His talk was filled with nuggets of useful information that saw me taking a copious amount notes. These notes have been put to use and have served as a real inspiration to me. The presentation was filled with incredible value that I know was of service to everyone that attended. Dr. John Demartini is one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. The Chamber of Commerce and all its members were very privileged to have had him speak to us and would be honoured if he would speak at one of our events in the future."


Andrew Horton - Midrand Chamber of Business from Public Talk - Powerful Business Insights


"OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION! Our delegates thoroughly enjoyed Dr John Demartini’s presentation Inspired Leadership, and we have had really good feedback from them. Dr John Demartini was incredibly humble and ‘accessible’ to our delegates. He connected with anyone who wanted to talk with him, and he made each person feel acknowledged and validated. The presentation was of terrific quality! John really is a superb presenter and a master on the topic of leadership. Based on how delegates flocked to your product sales table, I could see that everyone just wanted more. We are very satisfied with the value we received from our investment, and are looking forward to doing many more events like these."


Niel Malan CEO Leverage Global from Public Talk: Inspired Leadership



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