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Teaching Today for Tomorrow


The Demartini Institute has developed Teaching Today for Tomorrow, a training program for teachers that addresses:

  • Understanding basic human behaviour and human drivers
  • Perceived voids or dynamics we perceive out of order in our outer world and the resultant areas that we value as a result of these voids
  • How to empower the 7 areas of life: mental, financial, vocational, social, physical, familial, spiritual
  • How to activate inspiration in self and others
  • Effective communication
  • Tools for activating and expanding human potential
  • Clarity of vision and purpose
  • Goal setting and achieving (chunking down into realistic steps)
  • Setting realistic time horizons for self and others
  • Understanding how to awaken inspiration and vision in self and others
  • Value linking what is important to you to what is important to them
  • The power of being inspired by the content of what you teach
  • How to build student teacher relations for optimal learning opportunities
  • Dealing with challenges both personal and in the classroom
The Teaching Today for Tomorrow Curriculum includes the following practical exercises:


Determining Values:

  • Student Value Determination
  • Determining what is most important to each student and what drives them
  • Teacher Value Determination:
  • Determining what is most important to self (teacher) and what drives us

Value Linking:

  • Inspired Education through Teacher-Student Linked Values
  • This assists in building communication, inspiration and student teacher relations
  • Inspired Education through Communicating in Values
  • Learning the art of communication. Communicating what the teacher wants to teach in a way that inspires the learners in their values
  • Inspired Education through Curriculum - Student Linked Values
  • Assisting students to make the connection between what they value and what they are being taught. This increases focus, enthusiasm of learning and self driven learning both in and beyond the classroom.
  • Inspired Education through Goal - Student Linked Values
  • Assisting the teacher to understand the value of time horizons and goal setting congruent to both self and students values which increases probability of achieving them.
  • Inspired Education through Career - Student Linked Values
  • Assisting teachers to know how to guide students to become aware of what they would love to do based on an understanding of what they value most.
  • Assisting teachers to be inspired by their day to day activities by linking their values to their daily tasks

Teacher and Student Empowerment and life skills:

  • Empowering 7 areas of life
  • Dissolving fears
  • Dealing with challenges
  • Building self worth
  • Dealing with learning difficulties such as ADHD 

Education initiatives today for tomorrow 


The Demartini Institute intends to expand the one day Teaching Today for Tomorrow program into a two-day National Teachers Forum where day one would focus primarily on inspiring and empowering teachers as individuals, assisting them to expand and vitalise their own vision and potential. And day two would focus on empowering and inspiring them as teachers, teaching them skills to inspire their students to expand an enthusiasm for learning and increase focus and accelerate learning in class.


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