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Speed Reading and Learning Dynamics


S P E E D   R E A D I N G   A N D   L E A R N I N G   D Y N A M I C S

As a planet orbits the sun it moves slower then faster, slower then faster, so readers read slower then faster, slower then faster. There is a natural rhythm and balance between these two velocities of motion and reading.


Ideas enter into the brain and produce both slower verbal messages and faster visual images. When you read slowly, you read with left brain dominance and you read vocally. When you read fast, you read with right brain dominance and read visually.


You will learn how to use your whole brain to read as Dr. John Demartini shares techniques to help you master and expand your reading and learning. Learn how to double, triple or more, your learning capacity in this inspiring morning seminar.  


Dr. Demartini will also address the following in this inspired session:

  • How emotional charges impact on learning and reading
  • Master whole brain reading by moving from speed of sound to speed of light
  • Learn techniques to improve and expand both learning and reading capacity
  • Bring more comprehension to your reading
  • Expand your retention
  • Increase the organization of your thoughts

Learn in a few hours what some people will not learn in their entire lifetime...

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What Attendees Are Saying


I have tried speed reading techniques in the past and found them too difficult to comprehend. Dr Demartini's methods break down the process so that the brain is able to adapt and comprehend. I tripled my reading speed and gained valuable information on how to retain and organise the information I have read. Darryn Collins


Another great course!! I have gained insight and principles to master speed reading. Already at the course I have almost tripled my reading speed and this is just the beginning. Through more practice of John's principles I know I will be soon demolishing text that grow my awareness and use it towards profitable pursuits. Vern Holden


Thanks to John Demartini my confidence to read for enjoyment and for financial benefits has been revitalised. In one workshop I managed to read three times faster which gives you a great ‘I can do it' feeling. Shane Paget


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