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Count Your Blessings

count your blessings


Whether you experience an earthquake or the breakdown of a relationship, a global recession or losing your job, death of a loved one or someone doing something you believe hurtful, life's challenges can be difficult to manage if you don't know how to process what you are experiencing. Dr John Demartini is a human behavioural specialist who's work assists people to master their mind and emotions. When the world around us comes crumbling down, it is wise to find and focus on the blessings and keep in mind that every challenge has a way of bringing opportunity and growth. The master lives in a world of transformation and by taking the time to look for the blessings, you give yourself the edge in dealing with the challenges you encounter. You can chose to be a victim of your circumstances or you can chose to become a master of your destiny, the key is asking the questions that reveal both sides of any dynamic which then takes you to back to feeling grateful for your life as it is.


Join Dr John Demartini for a 2 hour presentation and learn how to take any stressful situation and dissolve it so rather than living with fear, anger, sadness and anxiety you get to feel inspired, enthused and focused on living your life as you intend.



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