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Master Planning for life!

Planning and Empowering All Areas of Your Life

Master Planning for Students

Take charge and build your life the way you would love it to be today.


Perhaps you've always meant to sit down and plan your life, but never got around to doing it. Or maybe you just don't know where to begin. Now there is help. Master Planning for Students gives you the time, direction, guidance and incentive to develop the life you've dreamed of.


Imagine walking away from this three day intensive workshop with your own inspiring business success plan, a financial freedom plan, a relationship/family fulfilment plan, a social power and leadership plan, a physical health and wellbeing plan, a spiritual mission and contribution plan and a mental genius awakening plan all in one.


Once you have completed this amazing program you will have your very own Master Planning for Students Volume that you can continue to develop and refine for the rest of your life. This is the master planning procedure that Dr. John Demartini has used to achieve what he has accomplished to date.


This unbelievable three-day workshop shows you how to:

  • Update your inspiring mission statement
  • Blueprint your dreams
  • Organize and prioritize your specific action steps
  • Dissolve or discard low priority distractions
  • Turn great fears into simple daily tasks
  • Work out the kinks of building a masterful future


Only 3 % of the world's population takes the time to plan and 97% of the world's wealth is in the hands of those who take the time to set their goals and MASTER PLAN their lives the way they want it.


Through planning you create a fulfilled life, one filled with greater satisfaction and accomplishment.
By not planning you remain in a vulnerable world of stressful reaction.

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