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Inspired Leadership


Maintaining an Engaged and Driven Workforce

Even in the Face of Economic Uncertainty


The current market constrictions have had the ripple effect of bringing an element of fear and trepidation into every level of society. In a company, this can mean a workforce more focused on their concerns and less focused on service. As productivity and profits in every industry is a byproduct of effective and efficient service, managing the emotions of your workforce becomes key to maintaining focus and drive in the workplace. Thus the role of leadership in a company becomes crucial to turning market downturns into profit upturns.


Dr. John Demartini, a human behavioral specialist will address the role of leadership and how managers and heads of companies can refocus and inspire their teams. He will teach you how to manage emotions, inspire greater service, build drive and enthusiasm in individuals and teams and will help show you how to bring vitality back into your corporation.


Service means providing people what they perceive they need. Understanding what perceived voids a market has, and then fulfilling them, is key to building industry. As an individual or organization, the more effectively and efficiently you are able to service society's needs, the more successful and financially rewarded you will be.


Some of the program outcomes:

  • Understanding human values
  • Understanding what drives and inspires individuals
  • Understanding congruency of values, goals and the visions of leaders
  • What makes a leader
  • How to increase productivity and service
  • How to awaken self reliance
  • How to transform economic crises to blessings


OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION! Our delegates thoroughly enjoyed Dr John Demartini’s presentation Inspired Leadership, and we have had really good feedback from them. Dr John Demartini was incredibly humble and ‘accessible’ to our delegates. He connected with anyone who wanted to talk with him, and he made each person feel acknowledged and validated. The presentation was of terrific quality! John really is a superb presenter and a master on the topic of leadership. Based on how delegates flocked to your product sales table, I could see that everyone just wanted more. We are very satisfied with the value we received from our investment, and are looking forward to doing many more events like these.

Niel Malan CEO Leverage Global


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