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The Healing Mind

The Power of the Mind to Heal the Body


Dr. John Demartini is a world renowned human behavioural specialist, a revered chiropractor and an international authority on the power of the mind to maximize human potential. He has studied in-depth for the past 36 years the connection between body, mind and healing


In this presentation, The Healing Mind, he will take you on an astounding journey looking at the power of your mind to heal your body. He will reveal the 4 most powerful cardinal pillars of healing: gratitude, love, certainty and presence and show you how to live your most vital, enthused and healthy life.


If you would love to discover the secrets of youth and how to defy the ageing process, learn how to unleash greater energy and mental vitality, and how to rebuild your body's health and take your physical wellness to a level of peak performance, then this talk is going to inspire and empower you to dissolve the blockages so that you activate your most vital physical expression.





Compliments this talk: Double CD set: US$50.00


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