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From Stress to Success

Adapting to a changing environment


Many people work hard to provide a greater quality of life for themselves and their families, and as we face the current economic, social and political challenges, we may find ourselves with elevated feelings of anxiety and stress, unable to break through and manage our emotions in these changing times. Stress is defined as the inability to adapt to a changing environment and at high levels of stress we begin to lose our vitality, our clarity of vision and our feelings of purpose for living.


In this talk, Dr. John Demartini will address perceptions of stress as it relates to our unique environment. He will assist you to discover new ways to deal with stress. He will show you how to manage your emotions so that you can keep focused and inspired by your goals and dreams no matter the outer challenges. He will teach you how to break through the fears and anxieties that may be clouding your inspiration and help you bring new vitality and clarity to your life, your work and your relationships.




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