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Emypreance I - Curriculum



Morals and Ethics, “Good” and “Evil” – “Right” and “Wrong”,
Peace and War, Equilibrium, Pain and Pleasure.
Opposites, Virtue, Fame, Faith, Love, Beauty,
Wholeness, Truth, Foolishness – Folly,
Masters, Wisdom, Liberation,
Initiates, Sacred Initiation Rites,
Path, Silence – Secrets,
Inspirational Writings, Art,
Spirals, Mandala, Sound, Music, Mantra, Poetry,
Receiving an Broadcasting,
Actuality – Reality,
Concentration – Meditation,
Prayer, Breathing,
Yoga, Light and Sound, Chakras,
Magnetism, Magnetic Healing, Magnetic Personality,
Magnetic Holy Water, Magnetic Physiognomy,
Magnetism Graphology, Nature as Teacher,
Mysticism, Seven Principles of Man,
Soul - Soul-Seed - Twin Rays, Tree of Life,
Higher Mind, Prophecy, Free Will,
Powers, Life Spark, Astral Body, Aura, Lower Mind,
Kundalini, Dreams, Immortality, Life – Death,
Death Rituals, Atheism – Theism, God,
Satan, Alpha – Omega, Cause – Effect,
Creation, Sacred World Language (Vowels of Creation),
Pure Crystal Universe, Akasha, Aether – Astral Light – Electricity,
Astral Realms, Axis Mundi – Pole, Hierarchy of Creators,
Question, Belief, Father – Mother, Spirit – Matter, IAO,
Attraction – Repulsion, Higher – Lower, Hierarchy,
Ascending – Descending, Creators – Destroyers, Logoi,
Thought – Sensed, Spirit – Matter, Devas, Co-fashioners,
Angels Good – Evil Demons, Peace – War,
Disobedient Angels, Sons of God – Daughters of Man,
Above Reflects Below, Angelology,
ideas and Belief In, Angel Formation, Angels as Gods,
Innocent Descending, Ascending – Descending, Functions,
Guides, Ranks - Grades – Classes, Seraphim,
Four Cardinal Directions, Languages – Ranks, Light – Shadow,
Angels – Life, Death – Devils, Constructive – Destructive Angels,
Male – Female, Angels as Birds, Evolution,
Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy,
Universe, Dark Matter, Galaxies, Binary Stars – Trinary Stars,
Divine Interstellar Space, Stars, Pulsars, Black Holes,
Cosmic Rays, Neutrinos, Interstellar Molecules, Sun, Solar Oscillation,
Solar Constant, Solar Corona, Sunspots, Solar Rotation, Solar Radiation Intensity,
Solar Spectral Class, Solar System Materials, Planetary Formation,
Planetary Orbits, Planetary Distance, Planetary Masses, Periods, Velocities and Dimensions, Planetary Atmospheric Gasses, Planetary Biogenesis,
Asteroid Orbits, Comets, Meteorites, Moon, Moon Tidal Influences,
Moon Eclipses, Gravity, Electromagnetic Fields, Charged Particle Aurora,
Celestial Sphere, Precession, Astrology, Zodiac,
First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Sun Fire, Talisman,
Geology, Elements, Rounds, Ancient Astronomical Time Tables,
Seven Pole Stars - Seven Rays – Seven Elements,
Root Races, Archeology, Mythology, Religion,
Hinduism, Norse – Scandinavian Legends, Druids,
Egyptians – Egyptian Book of the Dead,
South Americans, Mexican – Olmec, Mexican – Aztec – Maya,
China, Buddhism, Confucius, Taoism, Tantra,
Tibetan Lamaism - Bardo Thardo – Book of the Dead,
Zoroasterism - Mithraic - Mazdaen (Zend Avesta),
Greek Mysteries, Bahia - Book of the Seven valleys, Chaldean Tablets,
Jewish Kabalah, Kebra Negast – Legend   Solomon – Sheba,
Islamic Mohammed, Judeo-Christian, Bible - Old Testament,
Genesis – Waters, Male – Female, Yahweh, Noah Arkite Mysteries,
Moses Crossing the Waters,
Psalms – Isaiah – Ecclesiastes,
Bible – New Testament – Christ, Sacred Marriage,
Virgin Birth, Mortal – Immortal,
As the Sun, John the Baptist, Baptism,
Words of Power, Teachings,
Miracles, Festivals, Eucharist, Crucifixion,
Resurrection, Easter, Second Coming,
Assumption, Christ Consciousness,
Christian Church, Bible – Inter-Testament,
Early Church History, Gospels, Book of Revelation,
Pistis Sophia, Epistle of Barnabas,
Alchemy, Symbols – Symbology, Magic,
Temple of Wisdom Exercises, Fasting, Alms,
Charity, Gratitude, Higher Minds – Lower Minds, Light, Praise

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