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Empyreance IV

Light, Physics, Consciousness


Empyreance IV is a comprehensive exploration of the quantum energy potentials of your inner most being; your essence of "light". From Quantum Physics with its four fundamental forces and their ultimate optics of light, to the consciousness of your human mind and soul, this inspiring five day program will more than explore the principles that govern the relationships between "God's Will" and your inspired actions. There will be a journey through the periodicities of your body's chemical elements, and a closer look at how your crystallized forms are designed. There will be a discovery concerning the significance of the laws of octaves and octets, the underlying structure of matter; an introduction to "The Light of God"; and how the cosmic vibrations of the universe manifest throughout the subtlest essence of your living being.  Imagine tuning in to the finest frequencies of your dominant thoughts and being able to non-locally telecommunicate between yourself and others at various octaves. Imagine having the ability to receive and broadcast these ideas and thoughts at will. These five days will certainly be more than simply fascinating. Empyreance IV will be a spiritual investigation of the laws of enlightened consciousness. The one thing that will stand out in your mind as you experience this amazing program is the significance of your "Living Light". You can expect a greater degree of appreciation for the profound workings of nature, which will translate into greater Gratitude, Love, Certainty and Presence.


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