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Empyreance II

Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus, Evolution, Mathematics


Those of you who have attended the heart opening, mind expanding and soul enlightening experience of Empyreance I and who are now ready to step higher towards those lofty and inspiring domains Dante had only mentioned, Empyreance IITM is now your next step to greater awakening.


First: imagine further opening your heart and greatly expanding your wisdom as you explore the marvels of the sacred mathematical design of the micro and macro worlds of human existence, as you delve deeply into the mysteries of creative evolution and as you journey through the geodesic topology of the known universe. Second: imagine sifting through over a hundred ancient Dead Sea and other lost Inter-Testamental scrolls and extracting out the hidden mysteries pertaining to your innermost spiritual nature. Third: imagine uncovering the uncensored story of the life of Christ including the most mystical and astronomical relations to ‘his' meaning and teachings.


Yes! The description above is just a morsel of what you are about to breath in during our upcoming five intensive and enlightening days together. Be prepared to stretch. Be ready to sit in amazement. Be willing to go beyond.


Empyreance II will reveal the mathematical beauties underlying the geometric structures of the building blocks of the universe; introduce a portion of the universal design; dissolve the century and a half old controversy of evolution vs. creation; reveal insights concerning the origin of man; disassemble false religious idols and idealisms that are impossible to live up to or by; dissolve sources of religious fear and guilt; dis-empower religious institutional control over your morals and ethics and empower your individual soul; reveal the mysteries hidden within two thousand year old ancient religious scrolls and reveals subtle details about cosmology and cosmogony of our local universe.


Empyreance II will provide a masterful synthesis of ancient texts that will confirm the magnificence and perfection of the universe and reveal the mathematical beauty underlying divine perfection.  


Empyreance II will provide you with two large volumes of wisdom that will engage your mind and heart in a mixture of studies involving both science and religion, will bring you a synthesis of these two disciplines into a cohesive whole for the sake of philosophical inquiry and for the purpose of helping you integrate yourself into your most enlightened state of being, will awaken your higher mental and spiritual potentials and will synthesize, confront and accommodate historical anomalies habitually ignored by conventional scholars so as to make clearer the underlying universal laws that apply to these disciplines thereby expanding the space and time horizons within your mind.



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