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Empyreance I - Why I Created It

Why did I create Empyreance I?

According to my mother, my first words were “why” and “let me see”.  Since I was a child I have pondered the mysteries of life and evolution within the universe. When I was but four years old I used to fill all the walls and ceiling of my room with pictures I had drawn of the moon and stars observed from my bedroom at night. I used to go on bold journeys and observe the wonderful designs and workings of nature. When I was but 9 I used to sleep out under the stars and gaze up at the heavens in amazement. At age 16 I had a visual experience of the grand design of the universe, which I spent a day drawing while living in Hawaii. Upon turning 17 and after almost dying, I had a vision, which initiated my commitment and diligence to explore the unsolved mysteries of life and evolution. My life has been filled with wonder. I could not, not do what I feel inspired to do. I am a man on a mission. I am on a quest for an understanding of the source of life itself, a mission I love. I share my brief history in time for the sake of inspiring you into joining me on this deep exploration into the magnificent universe. I will take you on a mystery tour of the inner world and outer heavens.

You may ask, ‘why is this course entitled ‘Empyreance I’? In 1987 while exploring possible answers to some of the physical and metaphysical questions concerning human existence and destiny, and the workings of natural laws I came upon the mystical writings of A. Dante. As I read his written works I became inspired. I began compiling from my earlier writings and my then present research a dissertation on cosmology, cosmogony and on the ancient and modern mysteries concerning man’s ascendant journey to what Dante called the heavenly ‘empyrean’ or ‘empyreal abode’. My term ‘Empyreance’ was derived from the word ‘Empyrean,’ which in ancient Greek philosophy was considered the highest region of the heavens, where the purest elements of fire and light were believed to exist. Medieval poets regarded the ‘empyrean’ as the home of the blessed. It is my intention that you feel blessed many times during your participation in this 10 day experience and come to inwardly know and feel this mystical fire and light within your heart, mind and soul.

The format of this intensive and extensive course involves the use of quoted or paraphrased sentences and paragraphs extracted from the writings of the greatest thinkers from around the world whose writings have stood the tests of time. It is my intent to present a guiding template that weaves the workings of human creation and evolution into a story of stories concerning the magnificence of our local cosmos and beyond – Your inner self mastery will be the result.   
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