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Empyreance I


E M P Y R E A N C E  I


Do you have a love of knowledge and wisdom?

Are you interested in deciphering the greatest mysteries of the world?

Would you love to go on an incredible exploration of the universe?

Empyreance  I
is ten extraordinary days where Dr. Demartini shares the greatest arcane secrets and universal truths ever revealed, answering some of the deepest mysteries and life-long questions about our existence in a profound exploration of the essence and expression of consciousness. 


Over the ten days Dr. Demartini covers massive amounts of information in over 200 inspiring topics ranging from ancient and modern cosmology to the world's greatest philosophies, religions, sciences and arts, integrating each and every one of them into the big picture of the known Universe.

In Empyreance I you will go on an amazing journey from the infinite micro to the infinite macro and discover the ever-finer detail and ever-clearer demonstrations of a higher, hidden order.


Empyreance  I will stretch your mind beyond global awareness to elevate you to an astronomical vision, leaving you with the ability to see both you and your purpose in the context of the entire Universe. The astronomical perspective on your heart and soul's purpose allows you to understand how the great geniuses throughout history have fulfilled their immortal missions.


Past attendees have called Empyreance I the 'greatest story ever told' , the 'cliff notes of creation', the 'greatest teachings of our times'  and the only program that answers more questions than any one individual so far has been able to ask. This course will leave you humbled in the acknowledgment of the astounding order in the Universe. 

For those dedicated to self-mastery, the next great step along your journey of wisdom following The Prophecy I Experience is Empyreance I. Empyreance I is the most comprehensive, mind expanding program in existence anywhere in the world today. It is more than just a spectacular 10-day event. It is a profound mystical experience of a lifetime. Nowhere is such a 10-day adventure offered. More questions about the mysteries of life will be explored and answered during these 10 extraordinary days than you could ever even imagine is possible. Over 250 inspiring topics ranging from ancient and modern cosmology, to the world's greatest philosophies, religions and sciences will be integrated into the "Big Picture" of your life within the grand and magnificent universe. Attendees have called Empyreance I: "the greatest story ever told", "the cliff notes of creation", "the greatest teachings of our times", "the only program that answers more questions than any one student so far has been able to even ask". It will leave you speechless. You will be left with tears of inspiration running down your face. It will elevate your mind to an astronomical vision. Your heart and soul's purpose will become so expanded that you will understand how the immortals through history have fulfilled their world impacting missions. Empyreance I is an accelerated exploration of the vast interconnections of the universe. This unique advanced study program was designed for those truly dedicated to Self-Mastery. Don't miss Empyreance I.


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What Others Are Saying

"Empyreance was certainly an experience and not just a seminar! I went through every emotion possible over the ten-day period and literally felt my paradigms changing throughout the course. It was humbling to say the least and the knowledge that we were exposed to was incredible. I loved it!! Since Empyreance, I have been through an incredible shift, which is really hard to put into words. It was inspiring at first, then scary, challenging and almost overwhelming.... But now I have come to an awesome realisation that I have actually created the life of my dreams and I am so incredibly grateful. And inspired to create even more..... I feel so blessed that I was able to attend such an amazing course! It was truly profound and I would do it again in an instant. My connection with God and the universe has returned but now with a deep understanding and humility. To say 'Empyreance' was life-changing is an understatement! I am eternally grateful" - Louise Diesel 



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