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Activating Genius and Potential

Celebrating Uniqueness


Knowing how to recognize the genius in a child is the key to activating their potential and helping them shine. Every person perceives and acts upon the world uniquely and when we honour someone for who they are and we give them permission to express their uniqueness, they grow their self worth and activate their potential. The greatest gift we can give a child is to love and appreciate them for who they are. As parents and educators, the most powerful tool we can master is gaining an understanding of human behaviour and what drives and inspires a person. Knowing what is important to a child is the key to communication and plays an important role in their ability to achieve their goals and remain focused and inspired by what they are learning.


This talk, presented by Dr. John Demartini, a human behavioural specialist who works with teachers, parents, children and young adults in over 54 countries around the world, is for the whole family and relevant for educators working with and inspiring young adults and children. Dr. Demartini will show you how to understand family dynamics, dissolve dysfunction and learning disability labels as well as assist you to recognize the unique genius of every individual and how to guide their most inspired career choices. Those who learn to express their genius are the ones most driven and inspired by their lives and whether a parent or a teacher there is a calling to facilitate a child's path to greater potential and life fulfilment.




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