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Dr Demartini's Work With Teachers


Inspire and empower teachers, inspire and empower a nation


The ripple effect of an inspired and empowered teacher influences the lives of all they touch. Many people have had the privilege of experiencing at least one inspired teacher along the journey of their life. When we stop and look at the impact they had on our lives and all the people they taught in their career, we can see that by investing in inspiring and empowering more teachers we could have a profound impact on the lives of millions of learners across the world.


Dr Demartini has worked with many teachers across the world. His work in values has multiple applications in education with far reaching benefits.


Dr. Demartini has a unique communication gift that crosses the gaps in culture, age, experiences, and educational background.  He uses his gift and power of storytelling to remind every individual student of the greatness that lies within them, of their own unique gift to give the world. Students listen in awe, take copious notes, and are always inspired, motivated, and excited to recommit themselves to building a vital new path forward, in lives that have often come a difficult journey to that point.  Dr. Demartini should be so highly commended for the enormous time and effort and contributions he has made in donating his time so freely, to help ensure the journey forward for these youngsters, is different to the journey they have walked to that point.

Taddy Blecher - CEO and Founder of CIDA City Campus Johannesburg.


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