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Demartini Value Determination and Application Session

Demartini Value Determination and Application Session

Your Introduction to Human Behaviour and Driving Motives



Do you wonder why you value certain things in life such as health or building wealth or self development and no matter what you do or say the people you love are not interested in learning about or experiencing the things that you value? Do you feel constantly challenged by unmet expectations and frustrated that people don't support you the way you want them to? Do you wonder why you have drive in the areas you do and the people around you don't? Would you love to know how to appreciate yourself and other people and understand why you are the way you are and why they are the way they are?


Join Dr Demartini for his program on understanding human values and learn about that which underpins all of human behaviour. Your perceptions of the world determine what you value. Understanding how your mind works and how to change your perceptions is the cornerstone for human development, relationships, empowerment and inspiration. This is the most powerful ‘ology' you will ever study and is the key to your future and empowerment. The Value Determination and Application program will:

  • Help you understand human values
  • Show you how to determine both your values and other people's values
  • Explain how perceived ‘voids' give rise to values
  • Work out what voids gave rise to your own values
  • Understand how to change your values
  • Understand and expose your unconscious motives
  • Learn how to use values to set and achieve goals
  • Learn how to use values to grow communication
  • Learn how to use values to grow work productivity
  • Learn how to use values to inspire learning
  • Learn how to use values to grow your wealth
  • Understand values as it relates to your purpose, mission, career and inspired life

Watch as Dr Demartini explains what you can expect from this seminar:
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Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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