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Demartini on Financial Success

Demartini on Financial Success

Dr. John Demartini's Financial Success program is designed to assist you unlock your true wealth potential and ensure you get past whatever is holding you back from being financially empowered.

Dr. John Demartini is a world renowned human behavioral specialist and best-selling author of How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still get to Heaven. In this powerful one day program, he shares 39 years of research to assist you understand why and how the human factor is the sole determinant that underpins your ability to build true success in wealth creation. You will be taken through the principles of financial empowerment and introduced to practical exercises that will shift your wealth perspective assisting you to breaking through the setbacks, blocks and challenges regarding wealth building.

The focus of the program will be on the following areas of wealth creation:

The Driving Forces of Wealth
  • Human voids and values
  • The relationship between spirit, matter and money
  • Balancing altruism and narcissism for wealth creation

Emotions and Wealth Activating Perceptions

  • Understanding polarities of poverty and prosperity
  • Recognizing unique forms of wealth
  • The role of emotional volatility in wealth building
  • Perceptions of gain and loss
  • Overcoming the fear of not having enough money
  • Managing debt and financial challenges
Market Cycles
  • Understanding the macro cycles of markets
  • Managing your emotions no matter the market cycle
  • Seeing the opportunities even in market downturns
Building Wealth
  • Increasing your self-worth so you can increase your net-worth
  • Increasing your value on wealth building and saving

"We all have a hierarchy of values and we view the world through those values. If business, money and wealth building are low on your values you could literally be sitting on a gold mine and you just can't see it."
Dr. John Demartini

What students are saying about the Demartini Financial Success Program

I believe Dr Demartini's methodology on finance and human behavior is revolutionary and life-transforming as it amazes and inspires souls as well as shifting minds into a higher state of understanding through simple yet profound ways which he uses to communicate his messages. I firmly believe that this work would benefit South Africa immensely if it is incorporated into its school system. I am blessed and grateful for this opportunity to learn from such a great master.
M Alves

I gained a greater understanding of the principles involved and of why I don't have wealth. I now have a new starting point and the opportunity to be on the threshold between a past wrought with debt and poverty and a future potential of financial wealth. I have some valuable tools now which can apply in this area of my life.


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