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Are you determined to have the advantage in business? Do you want to learn how to inspire your teams to stay focused on goals? Would you like to make more money doing what you love?


Whether you run your own business, manage corporate teams, would love to start your own business or even if you coach corporate teams and leaders; understanding the psychology of growing and managing a business, being clear on your corporate vision, communicating in values and knowing the mechanisms of activating leadership and building teams is a vital aspect in taking any business to the next level of success.


In this evening presentation, Dr John Demartini, a human behavioral specialist with over 37 years of experience in coaching and educating individuals, including corporate teams and leaders, will show you how to activate business growth and drive increased productivity. You will learn proven methodologies and action steps to help you break through whatever is in the way of taking your business to the next level of success.


Who would benefit from attending?


-          Entrepreneurs

-          Business Owners

-          Business Managers

-          Sales & marketing teams

-          HR departments

-          Corporate Coaches

-          Customer Relations departments

-          Communication departments

-          Anyone with a dream of one day starting a business

-          Anyone seeking to emerge as a leader in their field

-          Anyone wanting to enhance their current career path

-          Anyone wanting to know how to increase productivity and profit in business


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