The Prophecy II Experience

A Profound Exploration of the Mind Body Connection

The Prophecy II Experience made me realise that i do not have excuses any more, just reasons and methods to help me live an inspired live

  • Would you love to have an in-depth understanding of the workings of the human body?
  • Would you love to explore the interconnectivity of perceptions (memes), genes and phenotypes?
  • Would you love to access cutting edge insights into healing and wellbeing?
  • Would you love to have a holistic overview of the body and an understanding that gives you the advantage in healing?
  • Would you love to truly understand the connection between the mind and body?

The Prophecy II Experience

Dr John Demartini has spent over 40 years studying the human body, the mind and all aspects of both natural and modern healing modalities. The Prophecy II Experience, a full 5 day program, is a culmination of all his research in these fields.

Dr Demartini will be applying his wealth of knowledge and insights in the area of healing and take you through a full understanding of the human body, the feedback systems that bring healing and the imbalances that lead to diseases.

He will address perceptions and correlate their physical expressions so that you understand the interconnectedness of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, endocrinology and physiology.

This program is gift for anyone with an interest in health, healing and life and will expose you to a whole new overview on the workings of the human body. What you learn will impact you both professionally and personally and give you an undoubted edge in understanding the mind body connection and what drives both health and disease.

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