Relationship Magic

Fulfillment Beyond the Chemistry

In truth, there is only unconditional love. Everything else is an illusion’

– Dr. Demartini

What if you discovered there was something much more fulfilling than just being ‘happy’?

What if everything you have learnt about achieving a lasting, loving partnership was a lie?

What if most marriages need not end in divorce or passionless partnerships of convenience?

Learn in a few hours what some people will not learn in their entire lifetime…

Have you ever thought…

  • When I move into the new house I will be happy
  • As soon as I find the love of my life I will be happy
  • When I am earning double what I earn today I will be happy
  • If my partner would stop doing _______ I would be happy
  • After I lose weight I will be happy
  • When I own my own business I will be happy
  • If my children were more _______ I would be happy

Dr. John Demartini uses his revolutionary understanding of ‘true love’ to dissolve your illusions about relationships, and life. Discover the secrets to creating and maintaining fulfilling bonds that will last for a lifetime.

This full day program covers a variety of powerful topics:

  • The Chemistry of True Love
  • Owned and Disowned Parts
  • Determining and Communicating Your True Values
  • The Art of Caring
  • The Truth about Soul Mates
  • “The One” and “The Many”
  • The Fantasies of Marriage
  • The Hidden Order of Family Dynamics
  • Breaking up and Making up through Love
This program is for anyone wanting to master the art of relationships.

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