Leave an Immortal Legacy

Does your business vision expand to encompass the globe?

Does your business vision expand to encompass the globe?
Can you see the infinite detail required to accomplish your dreams?
Are you able to visualise your business vision unfolding beyond your lifetime?

Your ability to expand your space and time horizon, define your goals and vision and see the infinite steps required to achieving them determines the magnitude of your legacy you will leave.

Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned human behavioural specialist presents a talk addressing how you can ensure that you leave an immortal legacy that continues to inspire and serve millions beyond your lifetime.

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Activating Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Give yourself permission to express and be rewarded by your greatest innovation, genius and creativity

There is an entrepreneurial spirit deep inside everyone. Sometimes this inspired driving force is released and gives rise to creative visionaries and leaders and sometimes it remains cooled and contained. The difference between those individuals who release this visionary energy, take inspired action and  create amazing accomplishments and those who don’t, is that the former are clear about their inspiring purpose, goals and objectives; they are congruent with their higher values and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil them, while the latter are living with inertia and buying into one or more of the 7 primary fears of life that  have caused them to give up on what their inner fire is calling them to do.

Dr John Demartini shares how to break through your limiting fears and inertia and how you can become more clear, inspired and effective in initiating your most powerful and creative entrepreneurial actions. He also shares how by asking a new set of questions you can earn more financial rewards by doing what you love and loving what you do. When you know what direction to take and you don’t have fear holding you back, you will begin taking focused action steps towards your purpose, goals and objectives and you will begin to more fully live your entrepreneurial dreams. Inspired action and perseverance add up to make great achievements. You can be truly rewarded once you access the hidden spirit of your inner entrepreneur.

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