Empyreance V

Investigations into the history of the human races

Join me as I take you through the deepest roots of your own social being and present truly unbelievable evidence on the history of mankind. Be prepared for an astonishing new look at where our ancient ancestors arise. It has been wisely stated by philosophers for centuries, “what can be more profitable than the study of the true origin and history of man?

Dr. John Demartini

Empyreance V is a presentation of an extensive body of evidence that calls into question current theories of human evolution; the primeval history of the human family including the human root races. The quality of the controversial evidence I will be presenting during Empyreance V will be more profound than the supposedly non-controversial evidence usually cited in favor of current views about human evolution. The now-dominant assumptions about human origins are in need of (and about to have) a drastic revision.

In theory scientists proclaim themselves ready to follow the facts wherever they might lead. But, in practice, the social mechanisms of the scientific community, the institutional imperative, sets limits beyond which its members in good standing may cross only at their “peril”. When eminent authorities announce their rejection of certain categories of evidence, others hesitate to mention similar evidence out of fear of ridicule. Thus, “anomalous” evidence gradually slides from dispute into complete oblivion. Modern students of paleoanthropology are not in possession of the complete range of scientific evidence concerning human origins and antiquity.

Rather most people, including professional scientists, are exposed only to a carefully edited selection of evidence supporting the currently accepted theory that protohuman hominids in the Late Pleistocene evolved from apelike predecessors in Africa during the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene, and that modern human subsequently evolved from the protohuman hominids in the Late Pleistocene in Africa or elsewhere.

The current theory of an African evolution is incomplete at best. Tool making hominids are indistinguishable from Homo sapiens – sapiens were present in habitable areas all over the planet far back into the Tertiary epoch. This does not however rule out the simultaneous presence of more apelike hominids, some of who may have manufactured some of the most primitive stone implements. Modern students of paleoanthropology are generally not at all acquainted with many nineteenth-century discoveries demonstrating the presence of humans of the modern type in Tertiary times.

There exists strong prejudice against anomalous evidence that is “old.” But some “old” accepted evidence is honored – for example, Java man, highlighted in all modern textbooks was a nineteenth-century discovery. But the less familiar nineteenth-century evidence, which goes against the theories presented in modern textbooks, is tainted with suspicion, more so if one has never even heard of it before.

Join Dr. Demartini as he takes you through the deepest roots of your own social being and presents truly incredible evidence on the history and prehistory of mankind. Be prepared for an astonishing new look at where and when your ancient ancestors arose.

Be prepared for an anthropological and archeological journey beyond the limits of traditional theories and walk the footsteps of man’s prehistory at the upcoming Empyreance V, the inspiring program so many have been waiting for.

Conscious Intention

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In this DVD presentation, human behavioral specialist Dr John Demartini expands on the philosophy of the law of attraction, the gratitude effect, synchronicity, consciousness and the mind-body connection, clarifying that whatever you concentrate your thoughts and feelings upon grows into your living reality.

A truly valuable source of information for the discerning student interested in the intricate interconnectedness of everything and an absolute must for your DVD collection.

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