Demartini on Business Success

"Whatever we think about, and thank about, we bring about."

This powerful Business Success program is designed to assist leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business executives take their corporate visions to a new level of power and influence. Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned human behavioral expert introduces an understanding of human behavior and corporate social dynamics which is the key to building and inspiring corporate teams and boosting sales and productivity.

This one day program will show you how to skillfully bring order to your business, dissolve your limiting beliefs and achieve your greatest business potential.

Dr Demartini will be addressing the following principles and practical tools:

The True Corporate Dynamic

  • Human behavior and corporate reality
  • Mapping of your corporate social dynamic
  • Understanding and dissolving infatuation and resentment cycles with staff
  • The principles of management of self and others

Effective Communication

  • The Demartini Value Determination Process
  • Mastering the art of communication
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and teach your teams to do the same

Congruent Corporate Vision, Mission and Values

  • Matching inspired and unique service with market needs
  • Expand vision and purpose in your business
  • Articulate your corporate vision clearly to your clients and teams
  • Inspire staff and increase productivity

Powering Leadership

  • Awaken your authentic leadership power
  • Overcoming the fear of failure in your business or career
  • Increase your ability to make objective decisions with ease
  • Managing Stress, emotions and staff with the Demartini Method

What students are saying about the Demartini Business Success Program

The Business Success course was fantastic! The presentation of the material was unique and fresh and extremely practical. It helped me to shift my values and get excited about my businesses again. Incredible things have happened in both my businesses in the last two weeks since the course – it’s quite amazing. Thank you for helping me become inspired again. I would definitely recommend this course to any business owner or anyone thinking of starting their own business.

Louise Diesel

John Demartini’s programs are more valuable to me than three law degrees and 15 years of practice as a lawyer. Brilliant and inspiring, humbling and balancing.

Johann Strauss

Activating Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Digital Media Download – Available Online

There is an entrepreneurial spirit deep inside everyone. Sometimes this inspired driving force is released and gives rise to creative visionaries and leaders and sometimes it remains cooled and contained.

The difference between those individuals who release this visionary energy, take inspired action and create amazing accomplishments and those who don’t, is that the former are clear about their inspiring purpose, goals and objectives; they are congruent with their higher values and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil them, while the latter are living with inertia and buying into one or more of the 7 primary fears of life that have caused them to give up on what their inner fire is calling them to do.

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