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You Can Have An Amazing Life in Just 60 Days

USD 17.00
Author: Dr. John Demartini


Anything you dream is possible...


In this book you'll find 60 inspiring laws that will show you how to live an amazing life. They're the very same laws that I live my life by, and that have enabled me to truly live out my dreams. I've dedicated my life, since I was 17 years old, to the study and teaching of the natural laws of life, especially as they apply to personal growth and healing. The results have taken me from living as a surf bum and high school dropout, to living the life of my dreams - with abundant wealth in all areas of my life - spiritual, mental, career, finance, family, social; and physical. It inspires me to think of what a difference you can make in your own life as well as the lives of others simply by applying these amazing laws in a daily basis. And you can do so by just focusing on a single law per day. "You can do it!"

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