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Welcome to Dr John Demartini's personal monthly messages. Each month Dr Demartini addresses a new topic and shares insights and practical tools to assist you to transform and inspire different areas of your life. All content and advertising pertaining per newsletter is specific to the month that the newsletter was published.

This month Dr Demartini addresses the fantasy that so many people around the world live with and that is the perception that we live in a one sided world.


Dr. John Demartini shares with you how to look at criticism from an angle that you may never have thought about.


Dr. John Demartini shares with you the wisdom of living through foresight and show you how that will guide you to greater leadership and life fulfilment.


Being authentic and being yourself is something that is very commonly talked about today. In this month's discussion, I would like to address the difference between being an authentic being and the social masks that we live by.


Dr. Demartini talks about how your brain works and how values and living according to your highest values is the most powerful way to achieve your inspired leadership and life.


Dr. John Demartini appreciates mothers in the month of May.


Dr. John Demartini shares some ideas that will inspire you to focus on health and wellbeing this April!


This March, Dr. John Demartini celebrates women all over the world and shares insights about how the world benefits when women empower all areas of their lives.


In this month of love, Dr Demartini focuses on love and relationships

Dr Demartini's Daily Update