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Welcome to Dr John Demartini's personal monthly messages. Each month Dr Demartini addresses a new topic and shares insights and practical tools to assist you to transform and inspire different areas of your life. All content and advertising pertaining per newsletter is specific to the month that the newsletter was published.

This month Dr Demartini addresses the fantasy that so many people around the world live with and that is the perception that we live in a one sided world.


Dr. John Demartini shares with you how to look at criticism from an angle that you may never have thought about.


Dr. John Demartini shares with you the wisdom of living through foresight and show you how that will guide you to greater leadership and life fulfilment.


Being authentic and being yourself is something that is very commonly talked about today. In this month's discussion, I would like to address the difference between being an authentic being and the social masks that we live by.


Dr. Demartini talks about how your brain works and how values and living according to your highest values is the most powerful way to achieve your inspired leadership and life.


Dr. John Demartini appreciates mothers in the month of May.


Dr. John Demartini shares some ideas that will inspire you to focus on health and wellbeing this April!


This March, Dr. John Demartini celebrates women all over the world and shares insights about how the world benefits when women empower all areas of their lives.


In this month of love, Dr Demartini focuses on love and relationships


I received a number of inspiring messages for my birthday and just want to say thank you and leave you with a last thought for the end of the year.


I believe that anything in your life that you cannot be grateful for is baggage and anything that we are grateful for is fuel. So have you counted your blessings recently?


Are you still focused on achieving your New Year Resolutions from January? Do you have an ever growing list of goals that you just keep delaying? Are you beating yourself up for not achieving your goals?


Love and appreciation are powerful magnetic forces. If you don't know how to love and appreciate wealth, why would it be drawn to you?


To search for a more perfect version of yourself is futile and those who count their blessings and are grateful, have more to be grateful for. This is a simple principle and yet it has the power to change your life.


When you live in accordance with your highest values you become masterfully self-governed and when you live according to your lower values you become volatilely ungoverned.


Knowing what is truly important to us allows us to wake up the inspired and envisioning soul's calling within.


Discover how to turn a challenge that you may currently see as 'in the way' to 'on the way' by using the Demartini Method.


There are two components of meditation; passive and assertive. Being passive allows you to have a poise mind for inspired ideas and being assertive inspires you to create those ideas into reality.


Depression results from an addiction to one or more fantasies or delusions about how things are supposed to be. Whenever our current reality does not match our fantasies, we feel sad or depressed.


Over the centuries the month of February has gradually become associated with Valentine's Day, as well as the time for remembering our most heartfelt, loving relationship.


Dr. John Demartini believes its important to quietly reflect on our past year and what we have accomplished as it gives us more meaningul time to plan for the new year.


As we head towards the end of 2013, spend a few moments reflecting on the year. Consider which people, experiences and events throughout this year actually served you the most. Write these individuals thank- you letters from your heart and in so doing, you will uncover the hidden blessings of your apparent chaos.


The quality and quantity of your inspiring, yet challenging, work will partly decide the value of your time and the overall level of your fulfillment in life. Your work, though, can be inspiring or despairing, productive or unproductive, fulfilling or unfulfilling.


To reduce your perceptions and responses of stress, set realistic expectations that are balanced, prioritise your actions, delegate low priorities to others and increase your accomplishments. You will reduce your stress levels and slow down your aging process, adding years to life and life to years.


When you fully acknowledge the effect you have on the lives of others, your drive to achieve your goals will increase and you'll become more prosperous. It is important to know that everything you do and particularly whatever you do within your life's purpose impacts people around you in ways that will leave you awestruck when you become aware of it.


What you believe and what you say to yourself has a tremendous impact on what happens to you and what kind of life you'll lead. You are the creator of your own destiny. You write the script of your life with every thought. The more self worth and love you have for yourself, the more prosperity and success you will achieve.


So while you are planning your dream career be wise and master the art of loving what you are doing. If you do, you will be more of a master of your destiny than a victim of your history.


In this newsletter Dr. Demartini shares the importance of learning to manage your own states so that you don't get caught in ups and downs, elations and depression, bi-polar states. Download Dr. Demartini's Self-Regulation Checklist for questions to assist you in remaining centered.


As we go about our daily lives, many of us can be our own worst critic, where negative self-talk creeps in and we constantly tell ourselves that we can't accomplish our goals or that our efforts are simply not good enough. How do we defeat these thoughts?


In this newsletter, Dr. Demartini outlines the importance of having a daily checklist. Download the complimentary checklist in this newsletter and then you too can do what works.


Have you ever wondered why you are not getting what you want? View my video where I explain what's in the way of getting what you want and what you can do to change it.


Many people hold back on sharing their love and appreciation for others because of a fear of rejection. In the February Newsletter, Dr. Demartini shares 3 main exercise steps one can use to share their love and overcome the fear of rejection.


Asking yourself low-quality questions leads to a low quality life, but asking yourself high quality questions is one of the keys to living the more self-actualized life you dream of and deserve.


Our purpose in life isn't just to pursue happiness. It is about loving the two sides of life's winding road that leads us all to places in our hearts, minds and physical experience that are a blend of happy and sad, nice and mean experiences.


By giving ourselves permission to live to the fullest and function at the highest, we exemplify what is amazingly possible and give permission for others to do the same. The greater our lives, the greater will be our contribution to the whole of humanity.


Our relationships with one another, although rich with potential, can often be the most misunderstood areas of life. Effective relationships happen when we communicate with others according to their priorities and values. This skill can be applied to every aspect of your life including your business, family and personal life.


Most people think that when they get something else life will get better, but all it does is transform the positives and negatives into new forms. I'm not saying you shouldn't seek, but if you seek something you think will give you more positives than negatives, you're living with an illusion.


Everyone experiences moments where outer circumstances appear to be an overwhelming crisis. To many these circumstances dominate and rule their lives. To some these crises leave lasting scars unless they are recognized as truly being blessings. When the worst crisis becomes your greatest blessing, you heal. Nature does not deliver crisis without opportunity or misfortune without blessing.


I was asked recently whether there was an explanation why husbands or wives stray. My answer was simple: individuals are not loyal to other individuals, they are loyal only to the fulfillment of their own highest values (what is most important to them). Relationships may start out romantic, but they also remain utilitarian.


In order to do what you love you must first learn to love and appreciate what you do. If you don't appreciate the job or daily duties you presently have you will certainly not function from your full potential.


In order to expand our vision we will need to expand our time and space horizons which means taking on ever greater levels of accountabilities or complexities of what we manage and we must be able to embrace both the supportive and challenging sides of life.


This month I thought it wise to share with you some of my answers to the questions that I have received from students regarding wealth as I believe these will assist you in taking your wealth building potential to a new level of financial return.


The many symptoms that you experience in your body are your body's way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions.


You will most likely achieve your goals once you set goals that are congruent with your true higher values. When you do greater achievement occurs.


With the coming of the New Year, we often find ourselves striving for re-invention, or decide to dedicate ourselves to living our greater purpose. Yet many of us are unsure exactly how to find out what our higher purpose is, or how to read the clues our lives have given us already as to what that purpose truly is. Read on to discover how you can excel in 2012.


Most people ask themselves, "How can I afford to do this?" It's much wiser to ask, "How can I become wonderfully paid to do what I really love?" Ask a different question and you'll receive a very different answer to the same apparent situation.


When you get what you imagine you want you will find out that it has a new catch or twist to it that you didn't anticipate. If you live in the illusion that it's going to give you a lot of happiness, you may be let down, for it won't, at least for long. It only gives you a new set of pains and pleasures.


The first step towards regaining emotional and financial health is a lesson your parents may have tried to teach you as a child: the art of being grateful. You might feel so down and out that you feel you have nothing to be thankful about. But it is important at this point to stop your story of financial distress in order to get you out of the hole.


It's worth it to take the time to dig inside yourself and find out the real core reason for you being in business. It's the clarity of your vision and the inspiration in your mission that determines the success and vitality of your business. Read on to discover my tools on writing your mission statement.


Those who count their blessings, who are grateful, have more blessings and fulfillment in life than those who do not. This is a simple principle. Yet it has the power to change your life. In this article, I share insights on gratitude which my dad had shared with me, which have played a significant role in my life.


The two basic emotions, fear and guilt, are the most challenging emotions affecting our overall physical and emotional well-being. They can sabotage our vitality, imbalance our physiology and rob us of our inner poise.


Each one of us has something unique to give to the world and it is in discovering this truth that hearts open and minds become inspired. Learn 8 simple steps to implement to put you on the path to creating the life you've always wanted.


t is the one day of the year where Mothers all over the world are showered with gifts and warm wishes as a reminder of the contribution they make in our lives. Any Dad who forgets to say his thank you's this Mothers Day can expect to be in the proverbial dog house for a very long time.


Like any situation, social networking has two sides. On the one side it could represent distraction, gossip and unrealistic expectations and on the other side it could provide an opportunity for growth and new relations. Read articles: How Healthy is Social Networking? Are You Hostage to Your To-Do List?; One on One Consultations.


What can you do if your boss is a tyrant but you need to keep your job? Follow the 6 simple steps in this article to alleviate the stress. Read articles: Nine Steps to Fail-Safe Selling; Dealing with a Tyrant Boss; Advice for Your Teenager.


People who devalue money tend to spend their lives working for it. Those who value money, who save it and use it to enhance the world around them, end up with money working for them. Read articles: What's Stopping me From Accomplishing my Goals and Dreams?, How Can I Accumulate More Money? and Loving Your Life Through the Ups and Downs


People who are inspired and committed to fulfilling their dreams grow, while those who do not, tend to stagnate mentally, emotionally, and physically. Read articles: Design the Life You Would Love, Relationship Repair Shop and Inspired Education


While many people feel uplifted by the approaching festive season, not all of us experience the joys of the holidays in the same way. Apathy, depression and even suicidal thoughts dominate the minds of some. Dr. John Demartini attributes many of these feelings to people building up unrealistic expectations during this time.


Companies are human systems, not unemotional, inanimate objects. Therefore the attraction and retention of the right people in any business is crucial to its success. Finding the right person for the job is not just about skills and experience.


Networking changes businesses and lives. Many people seldom if ever use their associations effectively. By following the Seven Laws you can create an environment full of opportunity and success.


The deflation of the global markets and the decline in spending is impacting most people regardless of their economic status. Yet challenging financial times do many beneficial things. Here are some examples of perceived challenges, along with their compensatory blessings that may help you become aware of the other side. Reading these may assist you in allaying your fears around the challenges associated with the temporary loss of money.


What creates monogamy? Since this often proves to be a highly challenging aspect, it's definitely worth taking some time to understand what influences people to conform with this expectation or not.


What you believe and what you say to yourself has a tremendous impact on what happens to you and what kind of life you'll lead. You are the creator of your own path. You write the script of your life with every thought. The more self worth and love you have for yourself, the more success you will achieve


Many people oscillate between elated and depressed states, and feel out of control in regards to their own lives. They do not experience true fulfillment and suffer from depressed states without understanding how to see the magnificence of their current situation. When we have true fulfillment we embrace and include equally both sides of life's coin; happiness and sadness.


There are seven areas of life we are here to master; spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical. They can either be powerfully supportive of your genius, or impeding it. There are also seven common fears and guilt that fragment our full potential in each of these areas.


If you're waking up each morning on fire, feeling called to great service and devoted to an inspiring purpose, vision, and mission, no doubt you feel as if work isn't work at all. On the other hand, if you turn back the covers each morning and groan, "Oh man, I wish I could just stay in bed," and dread your work.


When difficult times hit, such as economic downturns or personal challenges, people often get stuck into patterns of thinking 'I don't know what to do' or 'Bad things keep happening to me'. Many people think they are victims of their circumstances, and that there is nothing they can do to uplift themselves or their situation. Can you relate to this?


Many men and women have and live according to unrealistic romantic fantasies, you only have to watch the big Hollywood movies to see what fantasies we buy into.


How many times have you set seemingly achievable New Year's resolutions only to find yourself having broken them just weeks later? Have you ever wondered why this keeps happening? It all comes down to our values!

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