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Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program in South Africa


Young Adults Inspired Destiny


Dr. Demartini presented his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program to over 75 individuals, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
These attendees aged between 15 - 24 were able to relate to Dr. Demartini as he shared his challenging and inspiring experiences during his teenage years.   

During this 9 hour program, Dr. Demartini assisted the attendees to:
-    Know their hierarchy of values
-    Changing the hierarchy of values
-    How to get what one desires
-    Principle of Reflection
-    Discover the Hero Within
-    Discover how you influence the world
-    Discover the underlying order to their apparent chaos
-    Uncovering their power
-    Master planning your life
-    Setting and achieving goals
-    A formula to manifest one's purpose


Tools for Life that Dr. Demartini presented:
-    Dealing with Stress
-    Dissolving Past Guilt
-    Dissolving Future Fear
-    Dealing with Depression
-    Dealing with Regret
-    Dealing with Resentment

Dr. Demartini shared tips on Achievement in:
-    Reading
-    Teaching
-    Saving
-    Selling

Attendees engaged and interacted with Dr. Demartini putting forth questions and applying what he was teaching. These individuals walked away from the program with a handbook containing the principles on awakening their genius, expanding their vision and recognizing their true vast potential.
At the end, some of the parents were able to witness the students state what they realized their inspiring visions and dreams were.
Whilst some attendees stated that they had learned more valuable information in this one day program than they had in their entire lives; others stated that one could live their entire life without knowing what was shared today, and hence they believed it would be great if every student was provided with this learning opportunity.  


If you would like more information about hosting this program in your location, please contact The Demartini Institute.
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