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Visionary Leadership Conference with Dr. Demartini, across Australia

Latest News Dr Demartini at Visionary and Leadership Conference

Visionary and Leadership Conference with Dr. Demartini


Dr. Demartini will be presenting at the Visionary and Leadership Conference in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney, during the month of February.


In this conference, Dr. Demartini will be elaborating on the following 5 pillars to turn your highest service into your highest income:

- Finding the missing link to creating a life mission that fulfils your core values

- Uncovering limiting beliefs you don't even know you have, plus simple techniques to break free of these beliefs

- The secret to unlimited financial success: doing what you love, by following the path of least resistance

- How to share your inspiration with the world, in a way that makes you a healthy income

- How to unleash your unique voice of leadership


For more information on these events, please click here: 

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