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The Demartini Institute announces the Privileged Leadership and Lifestyle Program 2011 World Tour



Don't miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary tour - This is truly a unique and privileged opportunity!  


Do you desire to have more social influence, become a greater leader or leave a legacy?

Would you love to live a more privileged lifestyle with greater luxury and adventure?


Spend an extraordinary day with Dr John Demartini and a small, elite group of other pioneering leaders at his luxury residence on The World - the world's largest private yacht. Dr. Demartini will share his life empowering principles and methodologies, exchange dialogue, attend to personal concerns or questions and solve problems for the attending individuals and the collective group.


Whether your concerns or desires are economic or financial in nature, business or management related, or social leadership focused, or whether they are relationship and family matters or even health, philosophical or inspirational quests, Dr. Demartini will address whatever questions, concerns or objectives that you are ready to address and solve.  


Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to take your achievements and wealth to a new and more prestigious level or a wealthy retiree longing for the next great adventure to dedicate your energies to, this unique program will be worth its time in gold.


This extraordinary day will end with a private group tour of The World and its luxury amenities (see It will be an unforgettable day and the start of your new great adventure.


Dates and locations coming soon. Visit our event calendar for updates.


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