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"Teaching Today for Tomorrow" testimony

Dear Dr Demartini

As the Johannesburg East District, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your "Teaching Today for Tomorrow Programme for Teachers and Young Adults" that we started at the beginning of 2014.


We have definitely seen the positive impact it had on our teachers and especially on the learners which you have addressed on numerous times during this year.

As teachers and officials we have discussed the positive impact it will have on the learners especially the learners from our disadvantage areas like Ivory Park Township and Alex townshop, if we would be able to distribute CD's with some of your programmes on it.

It will give the learners the opportunity to listen to the programmes, be inspired to study in a disciplined manner and change their lives for the better.

We have 3000 Grade 12 learners in our Township schools. We are confident that if learners listen to some of your CD's in their spare time that will entrench the message which you have given to them earlier in the year,
Your support and assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours in Education
Mr R Martin

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