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The brand new 4 Day Demartini Values Training Program just launched in the United States, Australia and South Africa.


Dr. Demartini presents his Value Determination Program in Japan.


Dr Demartini presented his signature course for young adults, in Johannesburg, South Africa


"The educational system is selling a curriculum to the teachers, the teachers are selling a curriculum to the students." Dr Demartini said. Just as each teacher wants their highest values met by their job, so too does each student want their values met when learning.


Three cities in Australia hosted Dr. Demartini's presentation on 'The New Science of Achievement'.


Programs presented by Dr. John Demartini in USA and Canada


Dr. Demartini presented his seminar on 'Where's My Billion' in Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. John Demartini had the opportunity to present a one day program on 'How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven' to 375 attendees at the Monte Casino Ballroom, Johannesburg, South Africa. hosted by Brian Walsh, the Demartini Institute and Billionaire Africa.


Dr. Demartini will be presenting two Public Talks and his signature seminars; The Breakthrough Experience and the Prophecy I Experience, over the course of the next two weeks in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Dr. Demartini presents his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Seminar for the first time in Botswana to over 200 young adults.


Two, and possibly more top thinkers will collide to discuss the latest ideas in Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, and how all this may actually affect our lives!


The standing ovation from 4750 delegates signaled the completion of a talk by world's leading human behavioural specialist and author Dr John Demartini at the first South African Success Summit held in Johannesburg on 2 and 3 March 2013.


Teachers from 39 Alex schools converged on the CJC Alexandra Campus auditorium to hear what world renowned teacher, author and human behavioural expert Dr John Demartini had to share.


Dr. John Demartini has arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa where he will be presenting his Public Talks and seminars in addition to being involved in media interviews and consultations.


In this conference, Dr. Demartini will be elaborating on the 5 pillars to turn your highest service into your highest income.


Dr. John Demartini will be presenting at a one day program in Iran; addressing leadership, financial and business empowerment.


The 2013 South African Success Summit is the first event of its kind where you will join world-leading experts Dr. John Demartini and Sir Richard Branson, offering cutting edge systems for achieving immediate success.


Dr. Demartini's Products Now Available As Digital Downloads


As a behaviour expert and an inspiring teacher himself, Dr. Demartini was enthused to give his time and expertise to present a method of teaching that is rooted intrinsically in the behaviour of all people, to 200 school principals from South Africa.


Dr. John Demartini presented his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program for the first time in Sydney, Australia.


Dr. John Demartini presented his seminar on 'Awakening Entrepreneurial Spirits' for the first time in Botswana.


Dr. Demartini presented his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program to over 75 individuals, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Do you wonder what you can do to create abundant fortune and wealth in your life? Would you love to discover your hidden wealth building potential and activate it? Then join Dr John Demartini, an internationally published author and sought after leadership and self mastery expert at his brand new one day program, Where's my Billion? where you will learn how to identify your hidden billion and be shown how to unlock and transform it into liquid wealth.


Youth Day, this year, was a special day for 130 of South Africa's students who got to attend Dr John Demartini's customized Young Adults Inspired Destiny program (YAID). Read how Dr. John Demartini and local partners are making a difference in the lives of young adults today!


This is truly a unique and privileged opportunity! Spend an extraordinary day with Dr John Demartini and a small, elite group of other pioneering leaders at his luxury residence on The World - the world's largest private yacht. Dr. Demartini will share his life empowering principles and methodologies, exchange dialogue, attend to personal concerns or questions and solve problems for the attending individuals and the collective group.


Dr John Demartini has spent over 37 years studying the human body, the mind and all aspects of both natural and modern healing modalities. The Prophecy II Experience, a full 5 day program, is a culmination of all his research in these fields. Dr Demartini will present this amazing program to you in South Africa in September 2010.

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