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Dr. Demartini launches a special on the Relationship Bundle containing inspiring CDs, an audio book and a book, to assist one in dealing with relationship challenges.


Dr. Demartini was recently interviewed by Foundr Magazine. We're not here to compare ourselves to other people; we're here to compare ourselves to our own vision.


O Reader, Lois Wessels says her cathartic session with Dr. Demartini helped her to deal with her grief.


Dr. Demartini presents his teachings for the first time in Bangalore and Mumbai, in India. During this tour Dr. Demartini interacted with the nation's Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Consultants, Practitioners & those pursuing high achieving Careers.


Dr. Michael interviews Dr. Demartini on the topic of diabetes and the mind-body connection in relation to health and disease.


Dr Demartini joins the likes of Robert Kiyosaki on the Jetset Executive Editorial Team as part of his quest and vision to assist people across the globe.


Dr Demartini explains that people are only committed to fulfilling their values.


Dr Demartini uses the predator-prey principles from biology and ecology to illustrate that we automatically have support and challenge in our lives and it has been shown biologically that organisms grow most at the border of support and challenge. It is wise to have a balance of both in order to have a natural growth pattern. When you are living according to your highest values, you will embrace both support and challenge in the pursuit of your purpose.


Dr. John Demartini shares the importance of showing gratitude and 5 tips on how to do it.


Dr Demartini discusses the art of communication within a relationship and how to communicate with the people around you to lead a more fulfilling life.


Watch two interviews and read a third interview with Dr Demartini and learn that there is also a 'positive' light to be shed on what could be seen as a country's darkest days.


Dr Demartini visits Christchurch to assist people process their perceptions in the aftermath of the earthquake. Watch this informative interview for anyone facing perceived insurmountable obstacles.


Dr Demartini to become regular contributor to Prestige Magazine


Watch as Dr Demartini discusses finances, savings and the importance of valuing money to keep your money. Also, find out how emotions fit into the financial system; why some people save while others spend money; and how being of service and giving yourself permission to accomplish great things are two important components of wealth building.


Listen as Dr Demartini talks to Fox News about living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

02.09.2010 Latest TV Interview

An business interview with Bronwyn on the business channel CNBC Africa - Captains of Industry.

25.06.2010 Latest TV Interview

Watch Dr. John Demartini's interview on Life's a Journey where he shares insights on overcoming fears, unleashing your inner potential and living an inspired life. Click Video Icon to view:

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