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Ivory Park's matriculants welcome Dr. Demartini's Inspired Talk


Ivory Park's matriculants welcome Dr. Demartini's Inspired Talk


Dr. John Demartini captivated the attention of 350 Matric students from the stage of the Penelopele High School hall recently. They were from different senior schools across Ivory Park, a township in Johannesburg - South Africa.

Dr Demartini was invited by Raymond Martin, the Johannesburg East District Director of the Gauteng Education Department, to speak to the Grade 12 students about his  challenges and how he turned them into opportunities.

Dr Demartini spoke of his early days of physical handicaps, bullying and learning disabilities. How he dropped out of school at an early age (14) to become a surfer and the turning point that changed the direction of his life.

"I did not learn to read or write until the age of 18," he said. "I thought I would be nothing more than a surfing ‘dude' until one day, at around your age,I encountered a wise man (Paul Bragg) who helped changed my life. He encouraged me to visualise my future and go after my dream. So being here today is very special to me because you are me then. Maybe in some small way I can touch your lives like Paul Bragg touched mine and encourage you to live your dream like I am living mine every day."

He inspired the students by telling them that each and every one of them has a genius inside them and that they just need to give themselves permission to shine. 
"If you live your lives by your highest priorities, you will magnetize self-worth and walk your talk and not limp your lives. Self-mastery is asking yourselves - whatever's happening to me today, positive or negative, how is it helping me to become the great human being I am destined to be? If you compare yourself to others dreams you will live in the shadows and not on the shoulders of giants.

In reference to their upcoming exams, he suggested the students ask themselves: "How are my subjects going to help me fulfill my dream, become great and do something extraordinary with my life?" He told the students to keep asking until they can see how their classes are on the way and not in the way. "It's not what you do - it's how you perceive it. An empowered person doesn't come with excuses. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunities" he said.

"I was once told by my third grade teacher I would never read, I've read over 29 000 books.  I would never write, I've written 40 books.  I would never go very far in life, I have transversed the globe countless times. I would never amount to anything and I am now considered a world authority in my specialisation. If I can do it - so can you."
Dr. Demartini ended by saying: "Those without a vision perish and those with a vision flourish. Your vitality is directly proportionate to your vision. When you believe in your dream - so does the rest of the world. Raise your hand if you know you have a genius inside you."  350 hands sprang up.

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