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Investing in South Africa's Future Leaders

Young Adults Inspired Destiny Attendees
Youth Day, this year, was a special day for 130 of South Africa's students who got to attend Dr John Demartini's customised Young Adults Inspired Destiny programme (YAID). Students from diverse backgrounds, ranging in age between 13 and 23, spent the day with the world renowned human behavioural specialist, author and educator learning how to develop their inherent genius so they can live inspired and empowered lives.

Each year, The Demartini Institute sponsors many students onto the programme from CIDA City Campus who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Partnering the Demartini Institute, for the second time, was Angloplatinum. The company sponsored 47 students from Edumap College as one of its social responsibility projects.

The programme also provided a backdrop for a donation of laptop computers by Acer Africa to the Extranet Department of CIDA City Campus. Gracious recipient Simphiwe Vulindlu said the two Aspire notebook computers will assist them with their community outreach programmes. Acer Education Sector BU Manager, Eric Blom, said it was an absolute pleasure for their company to assist a college that does so much to advance this country's youth.

Acer Donation of Computers
Donation of Acer laptops to CIDA
The Young Adults Inspired Destiny programme gives Dr Demartini an opportunity to work with young people to assist them in recognising their unique skills and genius and realising the power they have. It gives them the realisation that they have the door in front of them - they just need to go through it.

In this programme, attendees learn how to change their perceptions by asking a new set of questions which results in a new set of actions. They are taught powerful principles and methodologies to take command of their lives and find the inherent leader within themselves so they can lead the next generation.

Among many valuable messages Dr Demartini told the students: "It's not what happens to you, it's not what you have been through, it's not what you are going through, it's how you perceive your life, the actions you take and what you decide to do with your destiny."

There was a poignant end to the day when many of the students volunteered to voice their dreams for the future and expressed palpable gratitude to Dr Demartini for helping them to clarify their vision, believing in them and encouraging them to lead extraordinary lives. This spontaneous outpouring of appreciation brought tears to many of the attendee's eyes including the parents who were gathered at the end of the day waiting for their children who clearly did not want the day to end.

CIDA Students
Edumap College Students ( sponsored by Anglo Platinum
Watch this inspiring video where students and educators express what they learned and what they will carry forward from this empowering seminar.
Making a Difference - Anglo Platinum and Dr Demartini
The Demartini Institute would like to share with you some of the testimonials that the students wrote:

"Whoa!!! Today I had the most amazing opportunity. I learnt how to achieve my goals and ways in which to let go of my shame so that I can strike a balance in my life. Most of all, one thing which I will hold onto forever, is that I can do whatever I want under the sun and I can succeed in it." Lizalise D,
Edumap Student Sponsored by Anglo Platinum

"Today I got inspired to dream big and believe in myself. Today showed me how I can learn more sufficiently to eventually become the world's most wildly recognized lawyer. I learned that there are no limitations in life and I can do whatever I want to do." Bradley T

"This is what I needed to believe that I can become an engineer. This was amazing and glad my mum brought me here. I would love to do it again one day. I have learned so much in one day. Awesome stuff." Connor C

"6 months ago I was in a mental institution for depression. I have not dared to believe in myself in 2 years. Today I was inspired for the first time in a long time. I am remembering my worth and accepting my imperfections. Thank you." Mpumelelo T

"Today I learned what my values are. I got an opportunity to identify what I want to be in life and what I am destined to become. I was able to realise that I am capable of doing anything I want to do in life. And that no challenge is going to stop me from fulfilling my dream." - Tlotlang Bogatsu - Edumap Student Sponsored by Anglo Platinum

"I learned that I am a master of my destiny and not a victim of my history. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. I really enjoyed being here." - Dipolelo Matjipa - Edumap Student Sponsored by Anglo Platinum

"This is the day I will never forget, the day my life changes. The day I started to have a purpose. I now I have a direction. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. This is the message I won't forget and this is the message I will live with, my whole life. Thank you a lot Dr. Demartini you really changed my life." - Mpho Christopher Mmebz - Edumap Student Sponsored by Anglo Platinum

"I learned to be more confident. I now know what I want to do with my life. I will not let anyone or anything get in the way of my reaching my goals." - Jacob Serowe - Edumap Student Sponsored by Anglo Platinum

"Thank you Dr. Demartini for helping me realize the greatness within me. I have written a book that I want to publish. Now I know that it is possible as long as I put my mind and heart into it. Thanks again to Dr. Demartini for giving us a chance to attend this event as Cida City Campus students." - Siyabonga Ndlozi - CIDA Student

"This workshop has helped me to understand a lot of things and now I am encouraged to take control of my life and I know that however big the dream that I have is and how ever impossible people think it is, if I put the energy, time and my mind in reaching it, I can and I will." - Loretta T. Tsumele - CIDA Student

"Everything in this program was so valuable. I walk out of here with a changed mind. Not only has Dr. Demartini changed my perspective on life, on obstacles, on opportunities but everything is organized. My goals are set and I feel like I am on my way to a meaningful role and goal only I can fulfill. Thank you." - Elme Ravenscroft

"Today may be the day that will change my life forever. I feel more inspired to follow my dreams and pursue my destiny than I have ever felt before. I have had a brand new outlook on myself, my parents, friends and everyone that plays a part in my life as I now realise that we each have different values and I now know that I can take positivity out of every negative experience that I have faced. Thank you Dr. Demartini for helping me realise that I can do whatever I set my mind to." - Keke Moloto

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