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Inspiring Young Lives in Johannesburg



The Demartini Institute presented the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program 20 September to a group of 124 young adults in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The group said this inspiring day helped them to clarify their individual goals, inspired them to reach for dreams they previously thought were unattainable and tackle issues that they believed beyond their reach.  Debonairs sponsored lunch for the entire group and the day ended with impromptu songs and poems of gratitude by the group which included 65 Edumap learners sponsored by Anglo Platinum and 20 young adults from CIDA sponsored by The Demartini Institute. 

The Demartini Institute will be furthering its social initiatives by hosting another Young Adults Inspired Destiny program in December.


A special note from Matthew Kushner, Dean of Students, Edumap College:


Monday September 20, 2010 was a very special day in the annals of Edumap College.  62 students and 3 lecturers attended Dr John F. Demartini's ‘Young Adults Inspired Destiny' workshop in the Sandton Convention Centre.  The students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many could scarcely understand or speak English when they arrived early in 2010 - certainly not one had ever had such an experience.  The cordial welcome from the Demartini team put everyone at ease; the beautiful upmarket venue added a mind-opening edge of excitement.


The students were inspired, uplifted, moved and delighted with the information,

insights, examples and the humour Dr Demartini offered.  They moved with him from precepts to hopes to convictions; they loved every minute.


Perhaps some of their spontaneously voiced thank you's say it all:

  1. Kentse Seleke thanked God for the talent He gave Dr Demartini and for inspiring him to share his extraordinary learning and understanding with us all.
  2. Dineo Ramafoko felt inspired to sing a song.
  3. Mafomane Mbiza spoke (for the first time) of having had to overcome early cripplement in her legs.  She is now quite a mover and shaker in the College netball and girls' football teams.
  4. And then, a very moving surprise for us - Tshepho Mokoena wrote and shared a poem to express his profound awakening and thanks, which he referred to as a kind of rebirth. He could hardly manage a simple English sentence in February this year, so his self-confidence in expressing himself in a poem to 100+ people was special.
  5. And lastly there's Hope - Motheo Mogale - who is changed forever.  No more just a sweet, caring face, when we meet she says, in greeting, "I'm a genius, and I apply my wisdom!"
In this informative clip of our latest Young Adults Inspired Destiny program watch as Dr Demartini explains his inspiration behind the program, hear what the learners had to say and listen to professional educators and psychologists explain the changes which occurred in the learners after attending this program.



Edumap learners with Dr John Demartini:


Edumap learners were sponsored by:




CIDA leaners with Dr John Demartini:


What the attendees had to say:

 ‘This was the greatest moment I have ever had in my life. I have learnt and now understand myself and other people too.  There is a phrase that I will talk and keep on meditating each and every day: “I have what it takes, I am a genius.  I apply my wisdom.” ‘  Vunene Baloyi

‘I have found my potential, now I know I am special, and now I know I am a blessing to the world.  I know where my destiny is.  Dr Demartini is a Godsend.  I felt the world was against me and on top of me, but after meeting with Dr Demartini I feel relived.  I feel the burdens have been lifted off me.’  Buys Inocentia

‘I am really inspired and believe that no matter what the challenges I meet in life I will conquer and change the world.’  Maepa Matjatji Melvin


'The young adults inspired destiny course was literally the most amazing experience of my life. Those 10 or so hours felt like minutes and sent my mind reeling with all the opportunities this life has, will and continues to present me.

Dr John Demartini has shown me that I, Victoria Ann van Basten, can accomplish anything and everything I put my mind to. At the tender age of 15 I have been let into a world where the sky is the limit, where the futures are bright and where the dreams are colourful and blooming with hope. I can see now how I am a genius and how I apply my wisdom as I have placed these wise words into my daily routine.  I feel that after attending such an amazing workshop I have a head start during my time on this huge and difficult planet, something which is truly irreplaceable.

Thank you all so much. I honestly cannot express my gratitude in writing. . . . If I were with you right now I would have to give you a giant hug.'   Victoria Ann van Basten


Read what others leaners thought of the program

Enjoying lunch sponsored by Debonaires:





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