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Inspired Destiny Book is Published in Japan

Inspired Destiny

Inspired Destiny book is published in Japan


Dr John Demartini's book, Inspired Destiny has been published in Japan. This book originated from the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, presented by Dr Demartini annually in South Africa. Although developed from this program, ‘Inspired Destiny' has deep meaning for readers of all ages and readers can expect to come away from this book with an immense vision for themselves.

Ms. Mayumi Naruse, translator of Inspired Destiny, says she is grateful to have had the opportunity of translating this book to Japanese, thereby making Dr Demartini's inspiring message available to people across Japan.

This three-part book provides thought-provoking exercises and insights on:

·         Discovering your purpose
·         Mastering the art of communication
·         Getting paid to do what you love
·         Overcoming the seven fears
·         Conquering your biggest life challenge
·         Having an astronomical vision
·         The ripple effect

"Part I: Values, Purpose and Destiny" provides a comprehensive introduction to human behavior, tools and insights to discover what's truly important to an individual and how this relates to ones purpose.

"Part II: Life Skills" shares solutions on dissolving emotions including fear of the future, guilt of the past, resentment, regret, depression, intimidation, stress, grief, loss and betrayal.

"Part III: Life Insights" holds keys to living an inspiring life, the power of living with an astronomical vision and the nature of the ripple effect.

"This book can be aptly summed up as a handbook for life, as it contains all the wisdom you need to understand the essence of who you are as well as the know-how to empower all aspects of your life. At its center, this book has a truly inspired heart, and I know that it will touch and transform the lives of many people across the world."
-Clarissa Judd

  Director of the Demartini Institute, South Africa

"I have just finished reading this book and I believe that this book and Dr Demartini's message will help lots of people who are seeking their life's purpose. I love this book and have donated it to my high school's library. I will donate it to my university as well as I really would love to have young students receive Dr Demartini's message.  I wish that I could have met this book when I was a high school student."
-Misato Kita, Japan

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