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India opens its doors to Dr. Demartini



Dr. John Demartini had the opportunity to present his teachings for the first time in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Dr. Demartini addressed the Importance of Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Leadership in Challenging times, Transformational Leadership & Inspirational Entrepreneurship to 75 leading entrepreneur attendees at the Sheraton Hotel Bangalore for the Social Entrepreneurs HIP Summit.

The Deccan Herald Newspaper, Exporter Online Newspaper, Cybermedia and two other media corporations interviewed Dr. Demartini about his presentation alongside Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus, the founders of Future Competency, a skill sharing organization, in association with FICCI, Wellingkar's Management Schools, Janalakshmi services and the Rotary Club of Bangalore.

In Mumbai, Dr. Demartini did a presentation on "Inspired Leadership" to 75 Indian multinational and national corporate leaders, MBA and PhD professors and faculty of the WeSchool (Wellingkar Institute of Management Development and Research) and Managing Directors of Indian corporations. Dr. Demartini went on to present a Q&A session for 250 students from the WeSchool on Entrepreneurship.

During this tour Dr. Demartini interacted with the nation's Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Consultants, Practitioners & those pursuing high achieving Careers. Dr. Demartini engaged in a dialogue which assisted the participants to script the socio-economic future of their communities in alignment with their core values.

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