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Heart of Love book to be published in Japan

The Heart of Love book to be published in Japan


Dr. John Demartini's book, ‘The Heart of Love' has been translated to Japanese and is to be published and available during September 2012.


On a daily basis; as we juggle the many relationships in our lives, our emotions are inclined to oscillate from infatuation to resentment, acceptance and rejection to support and challenge. In this book, Dr. Demartini illustrates that no person or event is worthy of putting on a pedestal or throwing in the pit, but instead deserves to be put in the heart where you are brought back to the center of love.


Dr. Demartini uncovers 10 Relationship Myths and elaborates on The Demartini Value Determination Process, which assists you to discover your hierarchy of values and then align that with the hierarchy of values of your loved ones.

At core of this book, is The Demartini Method, which puts forth 22 questions to assist readers to:

-          Balance lopsided perceptions

-          Reconcile and dissolve conflict

-          Enhance intimate communication

-          Decrease blame

-          Increase respect and understanding

-          Dissolve remorse, bereavement and grief over the physical death or other perceived loss of a loved one

-          Finding your soul mate


For more information about The Demartini Method, please click here. 

In any relationship, there will be times of clear communication and miscommunication. That's partly because each of us have a tendency to project our own values onto others. If you don't take the time to link your values to those you love, you can get pulled into the dance of self righteousness and exaggeration, expecting others to live according to your values instead of their own. Take the time to identify your partner's values and then link it to your values to maintain a caring relationship. Click on this link for The Demartini Value Determination Process


To view or purchase your copy of The Heart of Love, visit the Demartini Product Store.



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