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Government call to assist Matric 2010



The government of South Africa made a plea to corporate South Africa in response to the state workers' strike which occurred at a time crucial to the country's matriculates. Teachers across South Africa staged a full 3 week strike one month before matrics start their final end of year exams.


Dr John Demartini and  the Demartini Institute welcomed the opportunity to be of service to the learners of South Africa. The Demartini Institute worked with the Star Newspaper to develop an article covering study guides and ways to work through some of the perceived challenges of the strike.


"I understand that some students discovered leadership in themselves as they rallied around developing their own study groups in the absence of a teacher, and taking on that role." said Dr Demartini.


Dr Demartini provided the learners with practical skills to apply to studying and addressed many of the challenges that are common to students as they work towards their upcoming exams.


Dr Demartini and the Demartini Institute of South Africa also partnered with National television broadcaster SABC to bring students on-going, practical exam advice through SABC's daily program called Matric Survival Guide (SABC 1 at 2pm each day with a repeat at 6am; and will also run on SABC 2 at midnight.)


Dr Demartini adds, "Education is a combination of both mentorship and self-education. The strike demonstrated that when mentorship is temporarily set aside, then self-education takes over. The majority of the students may play the blame game and use the strike as an excuse for non-performance. Blame is futile. Instead, it's wiser to thank the teachers and the Government for giving them an opportunity to take responsibility for themselves and to experience problem solving. 


So my challenge to all South Africa's Matric students, the class of 2010, is to honour your teachers, raise the bar by accomplishing the greatest overall average ever achieved and blow the minds of this country."


Dr Demartini offers matrics some valuable tips and advice on studying and preparing for their final exams in the aftermath of the recent industrial action. (PDF)


To read Dr Demartini's study guidelines, view attached PDF


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