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Dr John Demartini speaks to the Fine Women Business Network

Patti Graham (Fine Women CEO), Dr John Demartini, Emily Muller (Fine Women) 


Dr John Demartini presented a talk titled Powerful Business Insights to the Cape Town Fine Women's Business Network on Friday 4 March 2011 with Patti Graham. His talk addressed women in business and how to build an inspired and empowered business that serves ever greater number of people. He shared insights into how to remain focused and inspired and how to drive productivity and profitability in business.


Dr Demartini speaking to Fine Women Entrepreneurs


Some of the feedback from attendees as follows:


"An inspiring presentation, and a great turnout - many thanks for the opportunity. We met some really interesting women - as I like to say ‘Strong Women in Africa'!"


"Thank you for arranging such a lovely event. I brought my clients along and they enjoyed it both personally and professionally."


"Thank you for arranging Dr Demartini to come through to offer us his pearls of wisdom. I attended his Breakthrough Experience last time he was in Cape Town and it all came back again, the gems of wisdom I was fortunate enough to have been taught by Dr John. His passion is absolutely electric and inspiring!!"


"I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable seminar this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Demartini 's talk this morning.   It certainly gives one food for thought, I wish I was able to attend the Breakthrough Experience this weekend but unfortunately have made arrangements for this weekend. Maybe next time!"

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