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Dr Demartini's New CD Releases

Dr Demartini's New Releases - Double CD Sets: Activating Genius & Potential, Demartini on Leadership and The Healing Mind ($50, ZAR450) 


Activating Genius & Potential - 2 x CD

A powerful presentation for parents, teachers, students and young adults. Learn to identify and unlock the genius that we all possess and how this 'genius' directly relates to our own unique set of values. Discover how to help both yourself and others reach full potential in all areas of life.

Including 3 bonus questions answered by Dr. John Demartini


Demartini on Leadership - 2 x CD

Dr. Demartini addresses what defines true and inspired leadership and how you can activate it in any area of your life. An introduction to the 5 S's of Leadership: Service, Specialized Knowledge, Speaking, Selling and Saving with practical insights on how to enhance all these disciplines to empower your life so that you become an inspired leader in your field.


The Healing Mind - 2 x CD


A brilliant presentation where Dr. Demartini will show you how balancing emotions assists in creating health and wellbeing and why gratitude is one of the greatest healers. Open your eyes to the magnificence of the human body and the incredible power of the mind to heal the body.


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