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Dr. Demartini's NEW Book 'The Values Factor catapults to Bestseller's Lists

'The Values Factor' book by Dr. Demartini

en route to Bestseller's lists


Dr. Demartini's book, 'The Values Factor' launched on October 01st 2013. Readers were able to purchase this book via and qualify for gifts worth hundreds of dollars, terms and conditions applied. Renowned Amazon rates Dr. Demartini's as part of Bestseller's lists. 






Following is what others are saying about this NEW book by Dr. Demartini


"The Values Factor book truly is a masterpiece. Easily the greatest piece of work ever written on the concept of values and packed full of some incredibly practical exercises to re-enforce the learnings. Absolutely brilliant!"

-Ben Harvey


"To live an extraordinary life is something everyone aspires to, yet so few attain. Why is it so elusive? The Values Factor unveils the simple yet so very powerful secret to a life of fulfilment and meaning. Immerse yourself in this book and be prepared to spend the rest of your life living Extraordinarily!"

-Vanessa Talbot, Success Guide, Life Expander, Author of Extraordinary You: The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life 


"From my experience of Dr. Demartini's work 'The Values Factor' book does a wonderful job of capturing the absolute key strategies John teaches to help you live a fulfilling and inspired life. The book is like a manual on how to get the absolute most from your life, it really demonstrates that you are here for a reason, that your life has a definite purpose. The message becomes clear that your progress in life is the result of your thinking and the hierarchy of your values, and that with the strategies in this book you will learn how to free yourself from your many self-imposed restrictions and those adopted from society. It's the most complete book I have ever read from the personal development field."

-Scott Cranfield, PGA Master Golf Professional 


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