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Dr. Demartini wows crowds at first SA Success Summit


The standing ovation from 4750 delegates signalled the completion of a talk by world–leading human behavioural specialist and author Dr John Demartini at the first South African Success Summit held in Johannesburg on 2 and 3 March 2013.  

Sharing the stage with some of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs, including Richard Branson, Dr Demartini headlined the Summit and delivered a talk titled: Finding Your Billion.  

Afterwards comments like, ‘Dr Demartini blew the crowds away’, ‘I was so inspired’ and‘he was on fire’ resonated throughout the convention venue.  His own inspiring story of childhood disabilities and adversityto a richly-filled life left his audience without a dry eye and a knowingthat anything is possible whenyou tap intoyour own inner genius, allowing yourself to do what you love so you receive what you perceive you deserve.  “You have to clarify your own purpose in order to plot a route to an inspired and fulfilled life.”

Dr Demartini left the enthused delegates wanting to know more on how they could ‘Find their Billion’. So he will be conducting a full-day programme on Monday 3 June 2013.  Anyone wanting to attend can contact the Demartini Institute on 011 011 9093 or email  
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