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Dr Demartini Works With Orange Farm Students


Recently Talk SA received an email from Portia Sharite (lady in photo above on the far left), a young girl from Orange Farm. She expressed her concern about ‘Loxion Management' and requested that Talk SA do a show about it.


In the impoverished community of Orange Farm many youths find themselves conforming to the culture that is known as ‘Loxion Management'. A loxion manager is a person who is basically doing nothing with their lives. A common scenario is that after a person has matriculated they find themselves unable to further their education and unable to find a job so they hang around the loxion paralysed in a rut. Some of these youths are motivated but are held back by poverty, others have lost hope and self-esteem. Many of them are have a matric certificate and some of them have even done short courses but still remain unemployed and on a road to nowhere.


The Talk SA team decided to go to Orange farm to investigate this situation only to find that this community in Orange Farm is not as helpless as they appear to be. Near Orange Farm proper is a Youth Center where many young individuals are volunteering at old age homes, orphanages and at the radio station. They offer free computer courses and outreach programmes. One of the leaders who works there, Seun, says that not many people come around to volunteer even though they have the time. From what I can gauge, these youths are plain lazy and unmotivated. That community centre is a hugely publicized place. It is featured in newspapers and on the net all the time. Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton visited that center in 2002. Why aren't people using the facilities?


What was the objective of the TV show?

To create awareness about the growing culture of 'Loxion management'

Inspire the loxion managers of South Africa to get up, get motivated and make something of their lives

Equip the loxion managers with info/skills/resources to get work/a job/an education


Dr Demartini was approached by Gail Freathy and asked if he would be willing to work with two students from the community in Orange Farm. Dr Demartini responded with an immediate 'yes' and invited the two students to participate as guests in his Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program in Johannesburg.  Dr Demartini also worked one on one with the two students helping them to see where their unique skills and talents lie and showing them how to activate that so that they could make money living their dreams. Both students saw new possibilities and committed to making their own lives their priority. Dr Demartini works with many students from disadvantaged backgrounds and commonly their limitation is their belief that they are limited by their past and experiences. Every person has a dream and when they are assisted to see that it is possible to achieve what they desire and shown strategies to empower their lives they start to move in the direction of making their dreams reality. 


From Left to Right: Motlatsi Lelala  - would love to work in tourism, Dr John Demartini, Portia Sharite - wrote the letter to Talk SA highlighting the issue with the Orange Farm Youth, Papi Xaba - would love to be a graphic designer


Dr John Demartini and Talk SA Presenter: Timiya Miyen



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