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Dr. Demartini shows his teachers how to activate genius in their students

Dr. Demartini shows teachers how to activate genius in their students


Raymond Martin, district director of Gauteng's Department of Education welcomed Dr. Demartini to present his ‘Teaching Today for Tomorrow' to teachers and principals from Gauteng, South Africa.
Dr. Demartini initiated his presentation with a glimpse of his past as a child that was told by his teacher that he would never read, write or communicate; never amount to anything or never go very far in life, to meeting a teacher who enabled him to get clear on his vision and become aware of his genius.

Dr. Demartini went on to state that there is no such thing as a child that does not want to learn. Every child wants to learn, but they want to learn what is important to them.
It is important for teachers to understand what is important to each of their students by assisting their students to determine their hierarchy of values. Teachers would be wise to assist students to align their hierarchy of values with each of their subjects. This enables students to perceive their subjects as assisting them to get what is important to them instead of a hindrance.

Teachers would also be wise to determine their hierarchy of values and align that to the subjects they are teaching. Dr. Demartini importantly stated that when teachers are inspired to present a subject and inspired to teach in alignment with their students' values; the students will not require outside motivation to study that class and instead will be inspired to be present at that class.
In response to a question posed by a teacher with regards to the method in which to deal with students who come from "broken homes", Dr. Demartini suggested the following:

It is wise for teachers to teach their students not to be a victim of their history but rather a master of their destiny. He suggested that teachers take the time to find biographies of people who faced many challenges in their childhood and how that actually assisted them in becoming the leaders they are today. If teachers take time to show students how leaders like Nelson Mandela, Sir Isaac Newton to name a few, used their challenges and obstacles to grow their leadership.

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